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LITTLE DAILY CHOICES—That Keep Us From Wasting Our Life

From EBP-08d God Says Work Hard & Don’t Be Lazy 201020PM Short Clips Here are links to the 52 Greatest Chapters Bible Study Resources we are using:   1. The MacArthur Study Bible I use: 2. Grudem Systematic Theology: 3. The Larger Moleskin Notebook I use: 4. The Smaller Moleskin Notebook [...]

Ever Been Discipled

Have You Ever Been Discipled? May I Start Your Discipleship Today?

Ever Been Discipled FTGC-00i 140824AM Here is a series I did on training normal people who have never discipled anyone, how to start. Praying that you will GET STARTED TODAY! Have you ever been discipled? By that, I mean, have you ever sat and learned about the basics of following Christ from someone, one-on-one, where [...]

God Desires You To Live The Un-Intoxicated Life, Are You?

EBP-06 201018AM God is looking to train a generation of un-intoxicated men and women to lead and model Christ’s righteousness in an intoxicated world. God wants men and women who do not succumb to the intoxicating influences that dull, cloud, neutralize, and inhibit their minds. Any desire, unrestrained by God’s grace can become an intoxicating [...]


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