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1 Corinthians 3 – Paul, Corinth, The Race, The Fire, & The Crown

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1 Corinthians 3

Title: Believers, Rewards & the Fire
Summary: Let’s journey back to the City of Corinth for a quick visit. Corinth was a seaport city Paul entered in Acts 18 on his 2nd journey. He ministered for 18 months.
Sprawling along the thin isthmus joining the two halves of Ancient Greece was first Century Corinth. With the azure green waters and pure white sands of the Aegean Sea on both sides, it was a bustling commercial center in Greece, boasting world-famous sporting centers and hosting the Pan-Ionian Games.
This city afforded too many temptations for the fun-loving Corinthian Christians. The Apostle Paul had seen many wondrous conversions. He wrote to them, calling them saints, for so they were in Christ. But, lacking spiritual discipline they were slipping back into the evils they faced each day. Corinth was a city in ancient Greece known as Vanity Fair. It was a city of Materialism, Antagonism, Competition, Selfishness, Hatred, Sexual immorality.
In such a place a church was born. The tragedy was that instead of the church impacting Corinth, Corinth was eroding the church! One pastor called it ‘Reverse Evangelism”. The Corinthians’ perverse spirit had invaded the church. The Christians were: Carnal; Worldly; Indulgent; Selfish; Contentious; Vengeful; Proud; Compromising. They operated in the power of the flesh trying to do the work of God. So—Paul challenges fleshly Corinthian saints with the reality of the Bema Seat Judgment.