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A Christmas Challenge

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Lk3.1-20 A Narrative: John The Baptist Preaches (3:1-20) “The Coming Messiah Brings Hope And Sacrifice”

Theme: John The Baptist Had A Message Of Hope – Jesus Christ Can Set Us Free, But It Costs Everything…


1. When The Lord Told The Parents Of John The Baptist Of His Birth (1:16), It Was To ‘Turn Many To The Lord’. 2. After John’s Birth, His Father Zacharias’s Message Was (1:77) That John Would ‘Give To The People The Knowledge Of Salvation By The Forgiveness Of Their Sins’. 3. When The Angels Proclaimed The Good News Of Christ It Was To Be (2:10) ‘For All The People’, Not Just Good Ones, No Matter How Bad. 4. The Message John Preached Was (3:3) ‘ A Baptism Of Repentance For The Forgiveness Of Sins’. 5. John Could Not (3:16) Forgive Sins, Only Christ Can Do That. Rather, He Came To Tell Mankind Of The World Of One Who Could Save Them, Change The Way They Were Into The Way God Wants Us To Be…. 6. The Message Of Luke’s Gospel Could Be Distilled Into One Verse Luke 19:10, “The Son Of Man Came To Seek And To Save The Lost”. The Book Is Divided By Those

Two Points: Chapters 1-19 = The Son Of Man Seeking Chapters 20-24 = The Son Of Man Saving Jesus Christ Forgave Sins: Luke 5:18 – “They Drop In” A Paralyzed Man Luke 7:36 – “Harlot Crashes Party – Aghast” Luke 7:48 – Forgave Jesus Christ Tells Stories: Luke 15 – The Forgiving Father Luke 23:34 – Christ Forgiving From The Cross Over And Over Luke Emphasizes That Jesus Christ Is Our Only Hope Of Salvation:

Only He Can Save Us From The Powers Of Darkness (4:31-37) Only He Can Save Us From The Chains Of Guilt (5:12-26) Only He Can Save Us From The Defilement Of Sin (7:36-50) Only He Can Save Us From The Shackles That Hold Us Down (8:40-56)

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The Message Of Christmas Is That Jesus Christ Can Save You From Sin ! Outline: I. The World – Autocratic (Lit. Self-Rule) V.1-2 = Selfish A. Rome: “Tiberius Caesar” – Culturally B. Caesrea: “Pilate, Herod, Philip, Lysanius” -Politically C. Pawns, Puppets D. Jerusalem: “Annas, Caiaphas” – Spiritually E. Figureheads, Sold Out Worship Of God For Money II. The Word – Authentic V.3-9, 15-20 = Selfless Messenger A. Five Hallmarks Of A Godly Ministry 1. Humble (3) – A Voice In Wilderness 2. Biblical (4-6) – Used The Word 3. Uncompromising (7-9, 17) – Sin,Judgement And Hell 4. Simple (15-16) – Supernatural Change 5. Committed (18-20) – Whether Popular Or Painful III. The Way – Christlike V.10-14 A. Compassion (10-11) 1. Christ Set An Example Of Compassion (Luke 19:41, 42) 2. Exhortation To Compassion (Romans 12:15; I Peter 3:8) 3. Exercise Toward: a) The Afflicted (Job 6:14; Hebrews 13:3) b) The Chastened (Isaiah 22:4; Jeremiah 9:1) c) Enemies (Psalm 35:13) d) The Poor (Proverbs 19:17) e) The Weak (Ii Corinthians 11:29; Galatians 6:2) f) Saints (I Corinthians 12:25, 26) 4. Inseparable From Love To God (I John 3:17) 5. Motives To: God’s Compassion (Matthew 18:27, 33) a) The Sense Of Our Own Infirmities (Hebrews 5:2) b) The Wicked Made To Feel Compassion For Saints (Psalm 106:46) c) Promise To Those Who Show Compassion (Proverbs 19:17) d) Illustrated (Luke 10:33; 15:20) 6. Compassion Necessary To Christ’s Priestly Office (Hebrews 5:2, 7) 7. Manifested For: a) The Heavy-Laden (Matthew 11:28-30) b) The Weak In Faith (Isaiah 40:11; 42:3; Matthew 12:20) c) The Tempted (Hebrews 2:18) d) The Afflicted (Luke 7:13; John 11:33, 35) e) The Diseased (Matthew 14:14; Mark 1:41) f) The Poor (Matthew 15:32; Mark 8:2)

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g) Perishing Sinners (Matthew 9:36; Luke 19:41) 8. An Encouragement To Prayer (Hebrews 4:15) 9. Saints Should Imitate (I Peter 3:8) 10. Christ An Example Of (Matthew 11:28, 15:32; 20:34; Luke 7:13, Etc; Hebrews 2:18; 4:15; 5:2) B. Honesty (12-13)- How Is Your Work Ethic? Do You Give A Full Day’s Work For A Full Day’s Pay? Do You Inflate Your Expenses? Do You Deal In Cash And Not Report Your Income? How About Using The Telephone On Company Time? 1. In Brief, Are You Honest To Your: 2. God (James 4:4) Friend/Enemy 3. Church (Hebrews 10:23-25) Sentence 4. Family a) Men (II Timothy 3:4-5) b) Women (Titus 2:4-5) 5. Employer (Ephesians 6:5-6) 6. Self (II Corinthians 7:1) 7. Government (Romans 13:1) Taxes C. Contentment (14) 1. With Godliness Is Great Gain (Psalm 37:16; I Timothy 6:6) 2. Saints Should Exhibit, In Their Respective Callings: (I Corinthians 7:20) a) With Appointed Wages (Luke 3:14) b) With What Things They Have (Hebrews 13:5) With Food And Raiment (I Timothy 6:8)

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