Dr. John Barnett’s Speaking Schedule


  • 2017 Holy Land Study Tours

    Sunday, 20 August, 2017

    – Sunday, 13 November, 2016

    2017 Holy Land Study Tour Information

    Biblical Treasures of Jerusalem Study Tour

    November 3-9, 2017 

    Biblical Treasures of Galilee Study Tour

    November 11-17, 2017


    After almost 35 years of guiding Bible students around the Lands of the Bible, Bonnie & I decided to carefully study every spot we have every taken Bible students all these years, pick the very best Biblical sites, and plan carefully how to deepen your experience at each one.

    From that has come two separate Bible study tours: The Best of Jerusalem & The Best of Galilee. We have found those key places in the Land of the Bible that so richly impacted our lives, we just have to make them part of your immersion into the Word God wrote, and into the Land God chose.

    There are 25 strategic Scriptural locations in Jerusalem and 25 in Galilee that completely sum up everything needed to fit together the Complete Scope of Old & New Testament Books, and understand the Biblical, Historical, Geographic & Cultural context.

    There is no place on earth like the Holy Land. It is a life changing experience to walk where the patriarchs wandered, where kings went to war, where prophets thundered God’s warnings, where a baby was born in a stable, and where a band of fishermen began to overturn the world. To travel to Israel is to visit the Land of the Book.

    For over thirty years, Dr. John Barnett has been taking believers around the Holy Land to experience many places: from the coastal cities of the early New Testament church along the Mediterranean Sea to the inland deserts of Christ and the prophets; from Galilee to Jerusalem, from the caves and wadis of David’s life, to the synagogues of the Gospels—all the Land comes alive with truths from God’s Word.

    Each of John’s Bible study tours are intentionally devotional. God’s Word is the textbook, the Biblical sites are the classroom, and the Spirit of God is the teacher. On the study tour we emphasize both personal Bible reading and Dr. Barnett’s careful exposition of the Word.

    Theme: After over thirty years of taking Bible students around the Land of Israel, Bonnie & I have chosen the most moving Biblical sites that have deeply enriched our lives all these years. Because of how many spots there have been that impacted our lives, we decided to make two distinct study tours: The Best Biblical Treasures of Jerusalem & The Best Biblical Treasures of Galilee. Each tour will visit and study completely different locations, and will offer complete Scriptural, Historical, Geographic, and Cultural preparation.

    Best of Jerusalem Dates: November 3-9, 2017

    Cost: for six nights at the amazing 5-Star Mamilla Hotel with breakfast & dinner daily, plus all sites, all guided touring and transportation, and entrance fees:  $3499 double; $3449 triple;$5799 single (land only). Plus Tips: all the tips for hotels, porters, drivers, guides, and special events comes to $150 per person and will be collected 60 days from departure.

    Best of Galilee Dates: November 11-17, 2017

    Cost: for one night at the amazing 5-Star Mamilla Hotel and five nights at the tranquil, beautiful 4-Star Ma’Agan Holiday Resort Hotel with breakfast & dinner daily, plus all sites, all guided touring and transportation, and entrance fees:  $2399 double; $2369 triple; $3199single (land only). Plus Tips: all the tips for hotels, porters, drivers, guides, and special events comes to $150 per person and will be collected 60 days from departure.

    Land-Only: We are providing land only package prices again this year. That means we cover everything but lunches on all 7 days and 6 nights of the tour: hotels, guiding, all entrance fees to sites, transfer back to the airport on the final touring day, sumptuous breakfasts and dinners daily, but not airfare. However, our office is available to help participants with airfare options and arranging transfers to the first hotel.

    Space: To maximize everyone’s experience in the Land, we limit our tour sizes to one comfortable spaced touring bus. We do, however, have space reserved for a maximum of 40 passengers to join us on each tour. Children age 12 and up are welcome.

    Air Travel: It is very easy to book your own flight round trip right from your nearest airport to Israel. We will guide those who would like to arrive early to get rested for the trip, as well as those who wish to remain extra days in Jerusalem. All of those options are very readily arranged. Most pilgrims arrive a day before to start acclimating to the time zone change.

    SPECIFIC DATES: Each tour will start in the lobby of the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem at 9 AM on Friday, November 3 for the Best of Jerusalem group; and at 9 AM on Saturday, November 11 for the Best of Galilee Group. Rooms are available the night before we tour at the Mamilla, until they sell out, at a rate of $345 for a double room. We advise that you stay at that hotel the night before so that you are totally ready for leaving on the bus the next morning. Other hotels are cheaper but you will have to come to the Mamilla and store your luggage before we meet at 830AM for our orientation time for the first day’s touring.

    Deposits: The DTBM Tulsa office holds space with a deposit of $500 per person. If for any reason we cancel the trip, all payments are 100% refunded. If you cancel the trip there is a $200 non-refundable portion of your deposit that will be credited as a donation to the DTBM ministry, and is tax-deductible. Registration forms are available by request, as are all of the tour details. If you’d like to check the hotels, they are all online and beautiful to tour from your computer.

    BOTTOM LINE: Pray about our Land of the Book tour; we welcome you to join us next year in Jerusalem and Galilee.

    Questions: Please email us at info@dtbm.org and we will try to explain anything else you need to know.