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REVELATION 13 & HOW TO ESCAPE THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Imagine what it would be like if a perfect leader were to step forward tomorrow. Add to that a man who appears seemingly from nowhere, almost a person from the past who rolls into one all the great leaders of the world. Imagine one man
 with the strength of a Caesar,
 the military genius of an Alexander,
 the mesmerizing oratory of a Hitler,
 the warmth of a Ronald Regan,
 the ruthless determination of a Genghis Khan and
 The apparent compassion and tenderness of Jesus Christ!
Impossible? No, he is coming. He may well be walking around today. Ever since Eden, mankind has sought to be ‘like God’ and in this insatiable quest has come to the glorification of the ‘creature more than the Creator.’ This exaltation of man has called for men of strong persuasion to be able to rise to extreme heights of power. In history, these have been the Ramses, Alexanders, the Caesars, and Napoleons. But there is a man on the horizon whose rise shall be as the sun’s rays across the earth; he shall be the embodiment of such power and personage that the world has never seen. The entire world shall seek after him as after no other leader ever before.
He will be one who seems to stop all atomic bomb threats.
One that would take charge and stop all the simmering hatred and volatile ethnic conflicts around the planet.
One that will stop the global fear of terrorism, biological warfare and food shortages.
He also seems to triumph a global form of religion that at last, all the world can agree to. It may even be a counterfeit version of Christianity (anti in place of Christ).
Jesus warned of a day of deception coming that was so intoxicating even God’s children would succumb without His intervention. Revelation 13 shows the second flood, which will destroy our world. The first Flood in Genesis was with water from God to judge sinful humanity. This second flood is with deception from Satan to seal the doom of humans unwilling to follow the Lord.
Perhaps he will step into the world from a battlefield, maybe from the United Nations, or even more likely, perhaps a glowing metallic UFO will slowly descend in a globally watched spot and before the wondering eyes of all the inhabitants of the earth out will step the ultimate Superman – the First Beast.
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