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Beholding the Lamb

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REV. 5

There is a place of eternal calm, unleasing tranquility, perfect peace, endless day… That place is the center of the universe, the throne of God… To that location John transports us from Patmos’ salt mines to heavens highest point…

Rev. 4-5 are a calm between two storms Rev. 1-3 show the struggling saints Rev. 4-20 shows the end of earth

Chapters 4 & 5 show perfect peace in God’s presence.

Chapter 5 is in two parts: 1. V. 1-5 the unworthiness of mankind 2. V. 6-14 the utter unworthiness of lamb

I. The unworthiness of mankind (v. 1-5) A. V. 1 — The Book – what is it? Official document that declares the climax of human history. 1. Dan. 12:8-9 2. Ezek. 2:9-10 B. V. 2-3 — The Challenge – who is worthy? 1. Rom. 3:10 none righteous 2. All of Adam’s race fallen Pharoahs, Caesars, khans, generals, dictators and emperors all have failed… All die and turn to dust… C. V. 4-5 — The Overcomer 1. Lion – Gen. 49:9-10
2. Root of David – Isaiah 11:1-10, Isaiah 61:1 3. Overcome – it is finished! Cross, Jn. 19:30 II. The utter worthiness of the Lamb (v. 6-14) A. The wounded Lamb (v. 6-8) 1. Prophesied (portrayed) Ezek. 12:3-5 Passover Ezek. 29:39-41 daily Is. 53:7 suffering 2. Pointed out (incarnate) Jn. 1:29 1 Pet. 1:18-19 B. The worthy Lamb, v. 9-14 What’s the rest of the story? 6:16 wrathful Lamb 7:17 worshipped Lamb 17:14 warring Lamb 19:9 wedding of the Lamb = God with us

– wounded for me… – for He alone is worthy…

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