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Who Was The Richest Man Ever?

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  The Richest Man Ever 19-Samuel-20 191125AM Who Was The Richest Man Ever? Our legacy is what we leave behind to those we love. What did David God’s servant leave behind? In Acts 13:22,36 we saw David’s epitaph, written by God, in nine words–David served the purpose of God in his generation. The first thing […]

Embracing God

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  Embracing God 19-Samuel-19 191125AM Embracing God I will love You, O LORD, my strength. The word translated “love” (Hebrew: racham #7355, used 47x) is a rare verb form of a word group that expresses tender intimacy through physical expressions like hugging or embracing. David’s word choice was intended to express very strong devotion—like Mary’s […]

Living On The Lonely Planet

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  The Lonely Planet 19-Samuel-18 191125AM Living On The Lonely Planet THE LONELY PLANET: If Thoreau’s observation was true in the past, it has become increasingly true in the present, and the prediction is that it will become alarmingly more so in the near future. We live on a very lonely planet. • In 1950 […]

Sleeping Grace

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  Sleeping Grace 19-Samuel-17 191125AM Sleeping Grace SLEEPING GRACE IS REAL! For young and old there is a clear message from God here! David was Sleeping in the Shadow of Danger as he experienced the Grace of Sleep. Those are just some of the wonders of Psalm 3. In the midst of the worst time […]

Facing Consequences

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  191125AM 19-Samuel-16 God is at work in the NextGeneration of His servants across Asia and Europe. One of the KEY LESSONS that they have embraced (and that has changed many of their lives) is the inescapable, REAL CONSEQUENCES that each person must face for their CHOICES. Today we see how David has become God’s […]

The One Step Back To God No Matter How Far Away You Are

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191125AM 19-Samuel-15 NO MATTER how many steps AWAY from GOD you’ve taken, it is ALWAYS JUST ONE STEP BACK! That’s the GOOD NEWS. Sharing these truths with the NextGeneration of God’s servants in Asia, Africa, and Europe is the joy of our lives. GOD is within an arm’s length of EVERYONE if they’ll just REACH […]

What Does God Think Of Your Life?

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  191125AM 19-Samuel-14 THE MOST VITAL OPINION: All that really matters in life may be reduced to one simple reality–what does God think of what you are doing or have done. As we open in our Bibles to the last sentence of 2 Samuel 11:27 and read those words—that is exactly the perspective God presents […]

Unguarded Moments Lead To Sin

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  191125AM 19-Samuel-13 GOD IS WATCHING & All that really matters in life may be reduced to one simple reality–what does God think of what you are doing or have done. As we open in our Bibles to the last sentence of 2 Samuel 11:27 and read those words—that is exactly the perspective God presents […]

God’s Standard For Leaders

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  191125AM 19-Samuel-12 GOD HAS HIGH STANDARDS FOR LEADERS. When God designed the pathway for Israel’s Kings, what did He say? The Road to Lifelong Usefulness: Becoming King meant so much: a palace to build, an army to raise and manage, a city to fortify, a nation to rule and defend, a family to protect […]

How To Survive Total Loss

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  191125AM 19-Samuel-11 DAVID SURVIVED: As we open to I Samuel 28, David has survived all that, and even one last commando raid by Saul on David’s hideaway in I Samuel 27. David survived: like a cancer victim that has finally finished the surgery, chemo, and radiation; and finally is declared cancer-free. David was weak, […]

How God Says To Overcome Depression

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  191125AM 19-Samuel-10 I just challenged these twenty-year-olds with a SOBERING REALITY. Have you noticed that MOST of the Bible is in the major key. Saints FEARLESSLY witnessing, churches valiantly serving against all odds—and what a JOY those sections are to our souls. But side-by-side with all that is the minor key. God’s Word contains […]

When Life Seems An Endless Struggle

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  191125AM 19-Samuel-09 Ever feel like LIFE is an ENDLESS STRUGGLE? God’s Word addresses that feeling and the DIVINE SOLUTION. Psalm 13 is David’s confession about who was flying his plane through the turbulent and stormy skies of his life—even when he felt abandoned he found that God was still there flying him through life. […]

Overcoming Pain Of Loneliness

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191125AM 19-Samuel-08 LONELINESS can become a time when GOD takes everyone & everything out of my life SO HE CAN BECOME CLOSEST. Is that what it means to you? probably not. But God wants to change the way you think. Join me with a room full of Asian college students as we dive into God’s […]

Seeking God In Every Season Of Life

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  191125AM 19-Samuel-07 GOD has called EACH of us to be Seeking HIM through EVERY Season of Our Life. In this video, you are joining the 22nd class of an advanced preparation institute for 21st Century Asians who have given their lives to Reaching Asians. If you follow along with us as we open to […]

How To Stand For God All Alone

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  191125AM 19-Samuel-06 This is THE lesson EVERY NextGeneration servant of the Lord NEEDS to LEARN. We are increasingly marginalized by the worldly culture we live in daily. We are mocked, challenged, and at times, hated.   What is the temptation? To just float along with the crowd and not resist. What is God’s desire? […]

When God Writes Your Epitaph

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  191125AM 19-Samuel-05 Where’s YOUR LIFE headed today? Most lives are remembered as two dates and a dash. What do you want on your tombstone from God’s perspective? That is just what I just finished asking a room full of twenty-year-old Asians preparing to reach Asians. They don’t think of how short life is very […]

How Bad Is Sin? – Ask God

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  191125AM 19-Samuel-04 NextGeneration servants of the Lord need to understand sin from GOD’S perspective. Sin compared to sin doesn’t look that bad. But sin compared to God’s standard looks as it is: heinous. Why did God want Samuel to Hack Agag to Pieces? Well, how bad is sin? Sin is so bad it took […]

How To Waste Your Life

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  191125AM 19-Samuel-03 Don’t WASTE Your Precious God-Given Life. That’s what I challenge the NextGeneration students with, over and over. How To Waste Your Life Like Saul. There’s a chorus we often sing, “The greatest thing in all my life—is loving You, knowing You, serving You…”. Those are precious words if they are true, and […]

Who Is The Most Influential Woman In The Bible?

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  191125AM 19-Samuel-02 BE A WOMEN of GREATNESS! More than half of all God’s servants in the world are WOMEN. There are more LADIES of all ages who serve in the CHURCH, who serve in MISSIONS, who serve in MINISTRY of all types, than men! WANT to be a GREAT WOMAN of God? Want to […]

Unlocking The Scriptures

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  191125AM 19-Samuel-01 The KEY to UNLOCK the BIBLE! We have come to the next class in a series of Bible lessons taught here in Asia to the NextGeneration of God’s servants. Missionaries preparing to go into the places where Christ is not known and make Him known. We are looking today at the KEY […]