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Biblical Exercises for Spiritual Health & Fitness

Discipleship Lesson 4 – The Spirit Of God Teaching Them About The Source Of An Endless Stream Of Divine Power For Abundant Living

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141005AM ESH-28 Lesson-4 Spirit Fullness.docx Biblical Exercises for Spiritual Health & Fitness in 2014 Series Discipleship Lesson-4: The Spirit of God Teaching them about the Source of an Endless Stream of Divine Power for Abundant Living John 7:37-39   As we open to John 7 today, we are doing so because: Discipleship is all about […]

The Discipline of Disciple-Making: How Should We Share the Gospel with the Rich, the Famous, & the Powerful? Part 21

Of the millions and millions and millions of people that lived before and during the time period of 15 centuries when God’s Word was written, the vast majority are nameless. People were born, lived, and died without most of the rest of humanity before or after them even knowing their names. The Washington DC think tank called the Population Reference Bureau calculates that by the time of the first century over 40 billion humans had lived and died.

The Discipline of Disciple-Making: When Christ Explained the Gospel to Paul

Each scene in Acts seems more amazing as we walk through these salvation messages. But of all the presentation of the Gospel, this is by all measures the best, most important, and the deepest impact. Paul shares the story of how Jesus Christ met him on the road to Damascus. In Acts 9, the details are sparse, but here the fullest and clearest account comes to us.

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