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Short Clip BYT-38 090111AM THE BOOK YOU CAN TRUST FOR LIFE (Matthew 4:4) As we come to the fourth reason this is the Book You Can Trust, we remember that we trust this Book because Jesus did. In fact, Jesus believed, trusted, and commended God’s Word so highly that he says God’s Word is what […]

A Victorious Life Full of New Beginnings

DYG-20  LNB-26   WFL-23 030803AM A Victorious Life Full of New Beginnings DYG: Message Twenty WFL-23 030803AM 1 Peter 1:22-25 Since you have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit in sincere love of the brethren, love one another fervently with a pure heart, having been born again, not of corruptible seed but […]

Suffering Affliction – Conquering Our Unseen But Dangerous Enemy

DYG-19  GNB-13 070401AM Suffering Affliction: Conquering Our Unseen But Dangerous Enemy  DYG: Message Nineteen   While the crowds were singing praises to Jesus that first Palm Sunday—unseen and dangerous spiritual beings were at work. By Thursday evening of the Passion Week Satan himself had entered Judas to carry of the greatest crime of all—the unjust […]

Supplication – How to Unleash the Power of Prayer

DYG-15   LNB-31   WFL-12   WFP-11 030330AM Supplication: How to Unleash the Power of Prayer DYG: Message Fifteen This morning we are learning about prayer. We have already seen that no one ever prayed as much as Jesus. No one ever said as much about prayer as Jesus. And, no one can impact our lives more to […]

Supplication – With Jesus in the School of Prayer

DYG-14  LNB-28   WFL-09  WFP-08 030302AM Supplication: With Jesus in the School of Prayer  DYG: Message Fourteen One of the first lessons we give to our infant children is how to talk. We look at them as they first learn to follow us with their eyes and say “momma…daddy” and so on. We teach them how […]

Discipline Six – Supplication – Prayer is the Power of a Word Filled Life

DYG-13    LNB-20   WFL-22   WFP-14 030713AM Discipline Six—Supplication: Prayer is the Power of a Word Filled Life DYG: Message Thirteen Jesus said some words that if understood lead to the most fruitful, joyful, and powerful spiritual walk there can be – this side of Heaven. Yet His words often scare us. We think He must […]

Discipline Four – Stewardship – Living Totally for Jesus

DYG-09  WFL-04 030126AM Discipline Four—Stewardship:  Living Totally for Jesus  DYG: Message Nine This week I was driving my family across central Florida. The terrain of that area is pretty monotonous for a couple of hours between the coasts. As we topped one hill something new confronted all the pairs of eyes watching out the windows…acres […]

Discipline Three – Meditation – Finding Quietness in Ultra Busy Times

DYG-06  WFL-33  031026AM Discipline Three—Meditation: Finding Quietness in Ultra Busy Times DYG: Message Six  Have you ever noticed how distracted people are? It seems like everyone is looking for something to do, and then when they do it, they didn’t enjoy it — because they were thinking about something else. That is distraction. That is […]