Cleansed, Clipped and Christlike

NR8-35  WFM-28 020127AM In God’s Word we know what the definition of good and bad are in this context, right? Good is that which was various described in the New Testament as ‘gold, silver, precious stones’, ‘walking in the Spirit’, and as we are currently learning about — ‘fruitfulness’. Bad is what was worthless, earthly, […]

How to Get Christ’s Well Done

NR8-25  WFM-18 011104AM We have been talking about Heaven these past few weeks. Heaven seems closer every time I hear about America at war; Heaven seems closer every time I hear about deadly anthrax infecting another life; Heaven seems closer every time I see the towers aflame and collapsing in my mind. Heaven has always […]

The Ark of Safety

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NR8-21 011007PM Genesis 7:1 And the LORD said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation. Notice the security of the occupants of the Ark. Evidently the Ark had no sails, no oars, no motor or engine, no rudder, and no […]

Have You Given Your Lunch to Jesus?

NR8-12    WFM-05 010812PM ItissignificantthattwiceJohnmentionedthefactthatJesusgavethanks (John 6:11, 23). Matthew, Mark, and Luke all state that Jesus looked up to heaven when He gave thanks. By that act, He reminded the hungry people that God is the source of all good and needful gifts. This is a good lesson for us: instead of complaining about what we […]

Jesus-I am the Bread

NR8-11   WFM-04 010812AM All this because when Jesus miraculously fed the 5000 and said I AM the BREAD He was saying: Godblessesalloflife.Themultipliedbarleyloavesandfishwere divinely created, and the satisfaction the people experienced must have been like no other in their lives. The food Jesus made for them was perfect, not tainted by the Fall and its consequent […]

Jesus-I am the Light to Follow

NR8-09  WFM-02 010819AM As we turn to our text in John 8:12 we need to ask ourselves several questions. Remember, to fully understand God’s Word by the power of the Holy Spirit we need to “search the Scriptures”. We do this often by asking questions. Here are the key questions for this passage: WherewasJesuswhenHedeclaredHewastheLightoftheWorld?The Courtyard […]

The Extravagance of Jesus

 NR8-05   REV-51  TAB-15 980927AM When the Bible closes in Revelation 22 we are transported forward to the fringes of eternity and step out again into the very Paradise of God, another Garden, again perfect and beautiful.   Please join me in Eden for a few moments. To realize how glorious Heaven will be, we need […]

Experiencing Jesus

 NR3-06   NR8-06   REV-52   TAB-17 980927AM What is the picture? It is the Unveiled Jesus of Revelation. It is the uncovered glory of the Image of God in Jesus. It is a gift from God for us to share ! Have you experienced the irresistible attraction and the incomparable satisfaction of experiencing God? Our Lord proposes […]

Dialoguing The Discipline Of Truth

Do troubles and trials push you toward God – or away? 
Today, look back over your week. How is your spiritual health? Has it been a week with any trials, troubles, and struggles? Did pressures increase at work, at home, in your health or finances? And then what happens inside of you? Did you cry out to the Lord, fall upon His grace, turn from any wicked way? Or did you seethe in anger, wallow in self-pity, or worst of all harden your heart to spiritual things? 
The test of pruning (which is affirmative) and chastening (which is disciplinary) is in our response.
That is one of the simplest ways to test what is going on in your life. 
Pruning always draws us closer, chastening initially can push us away.

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