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The King Is Coming – When All Climate Change Gets Fixed – Jesus Returns, Restores, & Rules Earth

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EBIs-14 201030PM The Perfect World everyone wishes for is coming. The ENVIRONMENT is amazing: Pure fresh air, sparkling clear water, plentifully organic food with no chemicals, no pesticides, no poisons. The soil is so fertile and pure that everything grows beautifully, fragrantly lush. SOCIETY is also amazing. Jesus Christ, Himself is King. Everyone knows that. […]

Understanding The Real Aliens Of Lucifer’s Rebellion – Satan’s Demons & The Cosmic War Raging Today

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EBIs-06 201027PM Tomorrow morning when you wake up, aliens are lurking around ready to attack. Our demonic enemies—more lethal than any terrorist, or murderer, or hardened criminal, will be waiting for you. With a flaming arrow ready he will watch for the exact moment to shoot that fiery missile into your mind. Are you ready […]

When God Abandons A Nation To Die – His Plan For A Dying Culture Is A Lesson For U.S.

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EBIs-02 201024PM Isaiah confronts a nation drowning in sin and points out what God sees—Corrupt leadership. Grasping materialism, drunken pleasure-seeking, defiant sinfulness, moral perversion, arrogant conceit, and corrupt leadership. These are the specific sins that God identifies as the reason for the destruction of Israel. Do they sound vaguely familiar? It wouldn’t be a stretch, […]