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How Are You Doing At Overcoming The Distracted Life Today?

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EBP-09 201021PM Today we live in a distracted world, among distracted people, with distracted minds, distracted families, and distracted lives. Distraction leads to aimlessness, uselessness, hopelessness, and powerlessness. Every day we battle distractions sent by Satan to keep us off course. Distraction means we know so much more Biblical truth than we take time to […]

God Says Work Hard & Don’t Be Lazy

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EBP-08 201020PM Did you know that work is a command from God? Work is part of God’s will for us as we live our lives. The goal of life should never become avoiding work. Work is noble. Work is obedience to God. Work is satisfying and fulfilling. He said—Six days shall you labor. God commands […]

Submission, Humility, Rebellion, Lucifer, & The Ultimate Sin Of Pride

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EBP-04 201016PM PRIDE was the first sin—as Lucifer challenged God. PRIDE is the ultimate sin. All conflicts, fights, and troubles flow downward from PRIDE. SUBMISSION & REBELLION—THE ULTIMATE SIN IS PRIDE. BEWARE, IT TOOK DOWN LUCIFER The greatest plague on earth is pride. More people miss heaven for pride than any other sin. Wanting our […]