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Finding Jesus This Christmas

Simeon – Ready to Go

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FJC-05 091227PM Simeon: Ready to Go Luke 2:29 Simeon is introduced to us by God in Luke 2:25-35, and if it wasn’t for that introduction, he would be like untold billions of others throughout human history that were only know by those closest to them during their lives; and who died without leaving a trace. […]

Seeing and Worshiping Our God in a Manger

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FJC-04 091224PM Seeing & Worshipping Our God in a Manger Luke 2:4-7 Tonight, Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion is when we as believers get to relive that scene in the Stable, at the Manger, with the Shepherds and Wisemen. In this quiet service, we come in the darkness to see the Light of the World who […]

Christmas – Religious But Lost

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FJC-02 091206AM Christmas: Religious BUT Lost How Close Can You Get And Still Miss Him? Salvation is Knowing Him Matthew 2:1-6 Here is a sobering thought from the Christmas story—there were a group of very good, and very religious people in Christ’s day—who missed Heaven by only 18 inches. Can you imagine how horrible it […]

Ordinary People – Zacharias & Elisabeth

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FJC-01 091129AM Finding Christ this Christmas— Ordinary People: Zacharias & Elisabeth Luke 1:5-80 Christmas is the record of God using a team of ordinary people to do extraordinary works for His Glory, and that is what we see first in the lives of the first couple we meet named Zacharias & Elisabeth as we open […]

God’s Christmas Gift List

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 This Christmas was summed up by God in these words: “God so loved the world that he gave”.

Christ’s Birth was God giving the hope of salvation to all who would hear and respond in faith to His Son.

In this season of Christmas that one element still rings throughout the world: giving.