Anna – Living a Life of Praise

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081130PM GEW-23 ANNA: LIVING A GRACE-ENERGIZED LIFE OF PRAISE Luke 2:36-40 As we open to Luke 2:36, and are introduced to the life of Anna, I’d ask you to underline two words in your mind. First, in v. 36 “she was of great age”—underline in your mind OLD. Second, in v. 37 “a widow of […]

The Complete Woman – A 21st Century Woman of Grace

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GEW-22 070930AM Things completed, give such a great feeling: a completed assignment so our work is done; a completely balanced diet so we are healthy; all our requirements completed,  so the pressures are off…all of those feel so good.   The Joy of Completion   The dictionary defines this word so well:   com·plete adj., = […]

The Joy of Grace-Energized Submission

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GEW-21 070916AM   When God looks down upon us humans who live on Earth He only sees two kinds of hearts: saved hearts and lost hearts. God’s Word classifies everyone as either: having Christ or not. Listen to John:   1 John 5:12 He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the […]

What is Grace-Energized Submission?

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GEW-20 070909AM   Jesus reduced life to one simple goal—seeking God’s rule over each day of my life. Do you remember Christ’s simple yet powerful words? Please open there with me:   Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. NKJV   Ever since the Garden of Eden, and […]

The Eternal Reward of Grace-Energized Kindness

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GEW-19 070902AM   Can you imagine how liberating it would be to know how to choose the best in life? We live in a complex world of multiplied choices, many of which are good. We have more new information and more new opportunities offered to us each week—than the average 18th century person was offered in […]

What is the Grace-Energized Life?

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GEW-18 070826AM   This week I had lunch and someone stopped by our table and asked, “Could you define ‘grace-energized’ for me?” I did briefly there at that restaurant, but as I thought and prayed about it, I decided that it would be good to pause one week and back up to look at the […]

Grace-Energized Kindness

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GEW-17 070819AM   Do you serve the Lord with grace-energized kindness? Knowing that is vital because that is the only type of serving that God will reward according to His Word.   Someday when our journey on earth ends, and we stand before Christ’s Throne—the Scriptures use only one word to describe what God eternally […]

Grace-Energized Homemakers

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GEW-16 070812PM   For the past 20 centuries God has offered to every married woman the privilege of turning each moment she spends in her hut, tent, cave, flat, apartment, or palace–into eternal crowns to cast at Christ’s feet.   Since Paul sat to pen one word “homemakers” (NKJV) [“keepers at home” (KJV); “to be […]

Grace-Energized Women of Purity

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GEW-15 070812AM   For two thousand years God has been looking in each generation of Christ’s Church for a few good women–who will give themselves to His plan for their lives. That plan has been laid out for them in Titus two.   When these women offer themselves as willing servants to follow God’s plan, […]

When Christ is Magnified and Believers Consecrated – God’s Word Prevails

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GEW-14 070805AM   What Does a Grace-Energized Church Look Like?   A grace-energized church is where believers are empowered by God to magnify Christ, when God’s Word is prevailing in and through their lives, and they are willing to consecrate their lives and rid themselves of anything that hinders or displeases God.   As you open in your […]

Women with Grace-Energized Minds

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GEW-13 070729PM   As we open to I Thessalonians 5, we open to Paul preparing new believers for spiritual warfare. As believers and followers of Christ, they were going to be attacked in their minds, by the Devil. That is where he starts. Your body only goes where you mind directs. Your mind is the […]

Grace-Energized Women are Discreet

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GEW-12 070729AM   Jesus loves absolutes. He always used them in His teachings, through contrasts: Light vs. Darkness, Heaven vs. Hell, Life vs. Death, Broad way vs. Narrow Gate, and so on.   Those absolutes continue into the church that bears Christ’s Name. We have to choose go His way or ignore His way. The […]

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