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Heaven: The Throne Room of the Universe

How Should God’s Description in Revelation 4 & 5 Impact Each of Our Lives Today?

Do you realize how much of the theological fog and confusion that surrounds so many sincere believers each day, can be cleared up just by a simple reading and believing of the truths of Revelation 4-5?To get a very foundational view of what God has taught us, please open with me to the last 4 verses of Revelation 5.

One of the truths that we never can hear often enough is that we are each in possession of God’s Word today. God’s actual voice recorded, His actual words written down, the Divine Revelation of God is ours in the Holy Bible.

How God’s Word in Revelation 4 & 5 Impacts Each of our Lives Today – Part 2

One of the most remarkable elements of Revelation is seeing into Heaven. But one of the most vital truths we learn from learning about Heaven is that God affirms that:

There is Only One Road
That Leads to Heaven

Heaven is where God is, His Throne, His perfected worship, and the way things look untainted by sin. We hardly ever get to see what something looks like that is perfect, during our earthly lives, because everything we see is marred by sin, the fall, and the rebellion of Satan swirling around us.

How Does God’s Word Guide Us to Understand Disasters, Massacres & Bad Things that Keep Happening All Around Us?

Please open with me in your Bibles to God’s final written communication to humanity.

God’s Final Written Communication to Humans

The Book of the Revelation is unique. These 404 verses were sent to the Earth by God the Father, through His Son: the Lord Jesus Christ. Those final written words are part of the Holy Scriptures, inspired by God, sent through His Prophets and Apostles, to us who hear His voice.

The flow of Revelation is simple to see. 
•    Chapter 1 is Jesus Christ showing Himself as God the Son in all His glory, like the Sun’s blazing light. 
•    Chapters 2 and 3 are His personal letters to the churches that bear His Name. 
•    Chapters 4 and 5 are His guided tour of the Throne Room of God Almighty.

The Blind Can See – Salvation is When We Go From Sightlessness to Seeing Christ

One element of John’s writing style in Revelation is his usage of sevens. There are seven stars, seven lampstands, seven churches, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven bowls, and seven angels. Beyond these seven named groups of sevens are many other sevens. There are seven beatitudes, seven spirits, seven mountains, seven lamps, seven horns, seven eyes, seven heads, seven crowns, seven thunders, seven kings, and seven last plagues.

Fifty-four sevens are noted by John in the book of Revelation. John observes and records for us that God is into sevens, or heptads. But it isn’t only in Revelation that God uses sevens, this morning, we find that the way to eternal life has seven intentional markers along the way. As we open to John 20, let me show you this amazing chain of truths about salvation.

True Sheep Hear the Voice of Jesus Christ as Their Shepherd and Follow Him

As we open our Bibles to John 10:22, Jesus is walking in the winter, Hanukkah time on the great porch of Herod’s Temple. It is amazing to find times in the Gospels that we can so relate to.

Jesus was Teaching
John 10 in December

First, it was cold and because of the weather Jesus stayed on the eastern side of the Temple (John 10:22-23). This is the exact same place where the early church continued to meet (Acts 3:11; 5:12). 

What Was the Message of Salvation Jesus Christ Himself Presented?

As we start back at our look at the Gospel presentations of Jesus, recorded in the Gospels, start with me in Revelation 14:6. From cover to cover in the Bible, our Great God has revealed Himself as God the Savior.

God the Savior is Not Willing
That Any Should Perish

God is not willing that any should perish in a Christ-less and Eternal Hell.

God wants everyone to hear His truth, receive His Gospel, and repent unto life eternal. 

The Gospel According to Jesus

No one understands the Gospel better than our Lord & Savior, the Author & finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ.

Today we continue on our journey through the Gospel recorded by the Apostle John. 

As we open to John 5 we are listening and watching the eyewitness record of John who was closest of all the Apostles to Jesus.

The Holy Spirit uses that proximity and loving eye and ear of young John, to give the most unique of all the four Gospel accounts. 

The Gospel by John’s Most Amazing Description of Salvation

Each of us as followers of Christ, have been commissioned by Him to spend our lives going and sharing the Gospel. Some of us preach, some of us pray, some of us go to other lands, others of us serve in the nursery, adult, youth, or children’s ministry; but each of us are seeking to be a part of bringing others to Christ.

    I’ve spent the past 35 years of my life preaching the simple Gospel, because I believe that Jesus Christ can change every life He’s allowed to touch. 
    For most of us sitting in this clean, comfortable, well-lit church auditorium, surrounded by hundreds of believers, that sounds very reasonable.

Applying the Gospel Jesus Taught to Our Life Today

Only worshippers are in Heaven.

Worship is what the Father seeks.

Jesus came to seek and to save lost sinners, and make them worshippers of God.

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

The driving message of salvation is worship. Jesus tells us the only thing God seeks is worship. So, the purpose of salvation is worshiping the God of Heaven. Now, look what Revelation completes for us. The whole Bible can be summed up by the theme of worship. We have come to the final lesson from Revelation 4 & 5.

When God Finally Answers Generations of Prayers for Justice

Unanswered prayers: what happens to them? As we open to Rev. 5, we find the answer to one of the great mysteries of God’s Word: Where do all our prayers go? After we prayed them, God heard them, and then what? 

What Happens to
All Our Prayers

Do prayers become like deleted emails? Does God get them, see them on His screen, read them; and then just hits the trash button, and poof, they are gone? 

No, that is never the image God wants in our minds. 

When God Writes the Lyrics: The Songs of Heaven’s Worship Teams in Revelation 4-5

As we open to Revelation 5: we have come to the greatest portion, of the greatest book, about the greatest place there could ever be anywhere: the Place of God’s Personal Presence called Heaven.

Today, Heaven’s worship, distilled before us in our Bibles, into words we each can understand: is the most challenging message we could ever hear to prepare us for serving God!

Worship is the offering given to God from my heart, quickened by His Spirit, unto a true awareness of my unworthiness, and His Almighty Immensity. That is how we sync with the constant atmosphere of Heaven. 

Our Redemption Driven Songs in Heaven

Someday in the not too distant future, each of us who are born-again by the Spirit, saved from God’s wrath, justified freely by His grace, and forgiven forever: are going to join the ultimate, Heavenly Hallelujah chorus. The words for that chorus have been given to us already, written down in Revelation.

The term in English: Hallelujah Chorus, has become totally associated with an oratorio written 271 years ago in London. 

It was in April, 1741 the German composer Handel was bankrupt, imperiled by paralyzing pain, betrayed by friends, and depressed. It looked like his composing career was over. 

The Redemption-Driven Life

One of the best-selling books of modern times was called the Purpose-Driven Life. Author Rick Warren hit a collective nerve in society because so many people feel aimless at times, and struggle for a clear purpose to point our lives at.

The amazing truth is that we are bought and owned by God. He tells us that the purpose that should drive us to focus upon how we use our river of time, that rushes past us at 60 minutes-per-hour.

The Redemption-Driven Life – Set Free & Zealous for Good Works

God has declared that each of us have been forever set free. Starting in Titus 2:11 we are looking at the third and final word, that God chose to describe the wonders of redemption.

Redemption, as we’ve seen, is what God wants to motivate us to lives that glorify God, because we were bought at a price.

Redemption is also what fills our hearts, and pours forth around the Throne in the songs of our worship in Heaven.

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