Listening to the Master

WFM-50 020526AM This morning [1] we are going to read one of the most touching passages of the Scriptures to anyone who has ever sinned, that should include all of us. These inspired words from God’s through His Spirit written by John capture for us one of the clearest Privacy Policy  | Contact Us  |  We Believe  |  About Us  |  Support […]

Jesus the Evangelist

WFM-49 020519AM This morning if you were called to go and share a message about Jesus Christ and explain how to be saved, born-again, and live the life of a believer, what would you share? Let me add tha Privacy Policy  | Contact Us  |  We Believe  |  About Us  |  Support DTBM SEARCH: go HOME      BROADCAST      PODCASTS      VIDEOS      SERMONS      SERMON SERIES      PDF LIBRARY      SHOP      HOLY LAND TRIPS              John’s Schedule Subscribe […]

Believers are Worshipers

020421AM WFM-48 Masters Message in John-6 THE MASTER’S MESSAGE SERIES JOHN-6 Believers are Worshippers The heartbeat of God’s Word is worship. Today Jesus defines believers as WORSHIPPERS! So the driving message of salvation is worship. Jesus tells us the only thing God seeks is worship. So, the purpose of salvation is worshiping the God of […]

Triumphant Living

WFM-42 010722AM In his mind is the picture of a Roman Triumph and of Christ as a universal conqueror. The highest honor victorious Roman general could ever receive was called the Roman Triumph. It was only for those who had[1] satisfied certain conditions: He must have been the actual commander-in-chief in the field. The campaign must have been […]

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