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Unleashing Strangest, Simplest, Most Well-Known Gospel Message – Jesus, Nicodemus & John 3

FTGC-30a, MMG-44,  WFM-46 020407AM As an added resource on our 52 Greatest Chapter Study this week, here is a special lesson on Jesus explaining the Gospel to Nicodemus. One of the best-known verses in the Bible is framed by one of the strangest scenes in the Bible. What are we learning this morning? John 3:16 […]

Seven Reasons Why I Believe the Bible

Why I Believe the Bible KGD-27   NR3-07   TAB-30  WFM-43   XAS-09 020224PM Seven Reasons Why I Believe the Bible This evening we begin our new study I’m calling a “Strategic Grasp of the Bible”. This is one of the greatest studies we could ever share. Why? Because the Bible is the Revelation of all that God […]

Jesus is the Lamb of God

Jesus is the Lamb of God

Jesus is the Lamb of God NR3-25   TAB-06   WFM-38   XAS-04 010624AM John-4 JESUS IS MY SALVATION MESSAGE SERIES PART – 4 Jesus is the Lamb of God IS JESUS YOUR LAMB1 OF GOD? Isaiah 53 tells us that Jesus was crushed for our sins. Have you meditated upon all that was involved in that? From […]

Endless Joy filled Life

How to Have the Endless Joy-filled Life

Endless Joy filled Life MMG-42   NR3-26   TAB-26  WFM-39   XAS-05 010701AM John-5 JESUS IS MY SALVATION MESSAGE SERIES PART – 5   THE CREDENTIALS OF THE KING OF THE ENDLESS JOY FILLED LIFE! To begin our look at Christ’s offer of endless, overflowing, joy filled life look at John 20:31. Last century, blind Helen Lemmel wrote, […]

Living like Jesus Promised

Living like Jesus Promised

Living like Jesus Promised NR3-27   WFM-40   XAS-06 010708AM Living like Jesus Promised It is now maybe 60 or even 70 years after Christ’s amazing ministry. John has watched Christianity transforms literally millions of lives from one end of the world to the other. As the last living Apostle of Christ he was instructed by God’s […]

God's Map

Where Are You on God’s Map?

God’s Map MMG-43   NR3-28   TAB-27   WFM-41   XAS-07 010715AM JIMS – 7 John Series-41 Map John SERIES PART – 41 God’s Map – WHERE ARE YOU ON THE SPIRITUAL MAP OF YOUR LIFE? We are looking at the victorious, overflowing, abundant life Christ offered in the Gospel by John. Are you enjoying this power of Jesus […]

Triumphant Living

Triumphant Living

Triumphant Living NR3-29    WFM-42   XAS-08 010722AM John – 8 JESUS IS MY SALVATION MESSAGE SERIES PART – 8 TRIUMPHANT LIVING This morning to understand the Master’s Message, that is the Gospel that Jesus preached, the Gospel that Paul preached, and the Salvation that the people of the Bible lived out 20 centuries ago please […]

Blind Eyes Made to See

MMG-23   NR6-46   WFM-51    020602AM The world according to Jesus is divided into two groups: Those that are in darkness, the spiritually blind and Those that have sight, the spiritually seeing. There are only two kinds of people.  There’s no half sight.  There are no partially blind. You either see or you are totally […]