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Confessions of a Caveman

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DAV-02  ZNA-65 981101PM Turn in your Bible to the 142nd Psalm. It sure has been a wonderful evening. I can’t think of many things that are more delightful than little lives as D. L. Moody used to always say: children have their whole life ahead of them and when we see the Lord work in […]

Standing Alone For God

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DAV-03    ZNA-64 981115AM Haven’t we all sometimes wished we could have had a bird’s eye view of the titanic confrontation of David and Goliath? That scene in biblical history stands among the greatest moments of God’s plan. GOLIATH AT GROUND ZERO Let’s go back to the crisp, cool air of a Middle Eastern morning […]

David Conquers

900318PM  DAV-10   DSS-34   WFL-41 PSALM 18 David – our focus these past weeks! Why? Because he’s so much like all of us… Loves God Falls… Sins… Discouraged… Encouraged… Righteous… Conquers… Worships God… In fact, David and Psalms (1/2 he wrote) mirror nearly all our lives the ups and downs! Let’s do a quick review: 1. […]

Confessions of a Caveman

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900225PM DAV-09 DAVID – Even the mention calls such valued thoughts to mind: Warrior Poet Musician Father King Shepherd Outdoorsman Sinner Saint We see David most clearly when we view Him through the eyes of our God. 1. In I Samuel 17 we see him Standing Alone Before God. Because he had an unchanging concern […]