Coming Back To God

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971102am  DAV-13 COMING BACK TO GOD JAMES 1:13-16 DAVID ON PSALM 51 Where have all the songs gone? The ornate halls of Jerusalem’s royal palace were strangely silent these days. It seemed as if David had lost his voice. In days past sweet songs of God’s power were often heard coming from the throne room […]

The Soul of a Soul Set Free

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971116AM DAV-12 DAVID PSALM 32 “LEARNING FROM FAILURE” PSALM 32 This morning we need to soberly look at a story of two men. Men who towered over their generations. Men who held the highest offices to be had on earth. Yet from their privileged position one is elevated to heavenly proportions and the other slips […]

Lust – The Giant that Slew David

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971026am DAV-11 FLEE FROM LUST WHEN TEMPTED JAMES 1:13-16 LUST: THE GIANT THAT SLEW DAVID Did you know that one of the greatest events in history has an equally tragic sequel? First there was David and Goliath, when David kills Goliath in one of the greatest moments in history. But there is a horrible sequel, […]

David Conquers

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900318PM  DAV-10 David-6 LIFE OF DAVID PART #6 DAVID CONQUERS PSALM 18 David – our focus these past weeks! Why? Because he’s so much like all of us… Loves God Falls… Sins… Discouraged… Encouraged… Righteous… Conquers… Worships God… In fact, David and Psalms (1/2 he wrote) mirror nearly all our lives the ups and downs! […]

Confessoins of a Caveman

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900225PM DAV-09 David-9 CONFESSIONS OF A CAVEMAN PART #9 PSALM 142 THE TAPE STARTS HERE: (is some of this message missing?) Ah there’s that word again: Loving loyalty to us— His faithfulness because we belong to Him and He’s going to send His lovingkindness and His truth. What a blessing to know that when we’re […]

David – Lessons on Depression

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900218PM DAV-08 David-8 CONFESSIONS OF A CAVEMAN PSALM 142 DAVID SERIES, PART #8 Ever felt prehistoric? A life reduced to grunts and groans? As one poet expressed it, “life must go on . . . I just can’t remember why”. A vicious swirl of getting up, going through the day and dropping into bed exhausted […]

David’s Purpose – God’s Glory

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900121PM DAV-05 DAVID-5 DAVID SERIES PART 1 “A MAN AFTER GOD’S OWN HEART” DAVID’S PURPOSE: GOD’S GLORY 1st Samuel A Man after God’s own heart I. WHERE DOES DAVID FIT IN THE SCOPE OF THE SCRIPTURAL PORTRAITS OF GOD’S SERVANTS? A. David = Ruth 4 (1), 1 Sam. 16-1 Kings 2 (41), 1 Chron. 1- […]

Standing Alone For God

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981115AM DAV-03 DAVID # 3 DAVID THIRSTING FOR GOD WHEN I AM YOUNG “STANDING ALONE FOR GOD” The tape started in mid-sentence here: — began preparing the materials to build God’s house. And in the context of him talking about how important the temple that was going to be built and the Tabernacle that was […]

Confessions of a Caveman

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981101PM DAV-02 David #2 Psalm 142 CONFESSIONS OF A CAVEMAN PSALM 142 THIRSTING FOR GOD SERIES Turn in your Bible to the 142nd Psalm. It sure has been a wonderful evening. I can’t think of many things that are more delightful than little lives as D. L. Moody used to always say: children have their […]

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