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Thirsting After God

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DAV-01     ZNA-66 981101AM David # 1 “DAVID: THIRSTING AFTER GOD” THE SECRET OF A LIFE THAT IS SATISFIED AT ALL TIMES PSALM 63 This past Wednesday I preached at my home church. The church where I was saved and baptized and dedicated my life to the Lord and preached my first sermon— which by […]

Thirsting for God When Depressed

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DAV-02    ZNA-65 981101PM David #2 Psalm 142 CONFESSIONS OF A CAVEMAN PSALM 142 THIRSTING FOR GOD SERIES Turn in your Bible to the 142nd Psalm. It sure has been a wonderful evening. I can’t think of many things that are more delightful than little lives as D. L. Moody used to always say: children […]

Thirsting for God When Young

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DAV-03    ZNA-64 981115AM DAVID # 3 DAVID1 THIRSTING FOR GOD WHEN I AM YOUNG “STANDING ALONE FOR GOD” The tape started in mid-sentence here: — began preparing the materials to build God’s house. And in the context of him talking about how important the temple that was going to be built and the Tabernacle […]

David Conquers

900318PM  DAV-10   DSS-34   WFL-41 LIFE OF DAVID PART #6 DAVID CONQUERS PSALM 18 David – our focus these past weeks! Why? Because he’s so much like all of us… Loves God Falls… Sins… Discouraged… Encouraged… Righteous… Conquers… Worships God… In fact, David and Psalms (1/2 he wrote) mirror nearly all our lives the ups and […]

Confessoins of a Caveman

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900225PM DAV-09 David-9 CONFESSIONS OF A CAVEMAN PART #9 PSALM 142 THE TAPE STARTS HERE: (is some of this message missing?) Ah there’s that word again: Loving loyalty to us— His faithfulness because we belong to Him and He’s going to send His lovingkindness and His truth. What a blessing to know that when we’re […]