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What God’s Word says About Christians, Alcohol & Addictions; Gray Areas, Sin, & Sanctification, Liberty & Legalism?

LNB-41 110828PM Q&A-03 Alcohol.doc What God’s Word says about: Christians, Alcohol & Addictions; Gray Areas, Sin & Sanctification; Liberty & Legalism Romans 14; Proverbs & Ephesians 5:18 As believers, God offers through His Word an entire philosophy of how to please God in the realm of gray areas, questionable things, liberty, and legalism; and all […]

What Stops My Prayers

LNB-32   WFL-13   WFP-12 030406AM DOAGL-13 SUPPLICATION-5 The Disciplines of a Godly Life: SUPPLICATION-5 What Stops My Prayers This morning we are learning from Jesus in the School of Prayer. Our classroom is daily life, our textbook is God’s Word. This morning’s lesson is: “What stops my prayers?” To answer that and to learn what may […]

The Holy Spirit in I John – Anointed, Indwelt & Victorious

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LNB-22 911208PM   Open to I John 2:20.   The First Century was a time of confusion.  The Eastern “Mystery Religions” of Isis, Serapsis, Semaramis, Cybelle and Mithras were flooding the Empire.  These religions and Gnosticism taught a secret initiation that only a special leader could give was needed.  Dark chamber, deep underground, flickering torch light robed initiates taken, […]

The Holy Spirit in Peter

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LNB-21 911201PM   The Apostle Peter is a person we all love and we can relate to.  It seems He was always doing something wrong — Paul never seems to be wrong — Peter often!  In fact, we remember most of Peter’s blunders:   FOR TRYING TO DIVERT CHRIST FROM THE CROSS – You say, “Peter tried […]

The Holy Spirit Wants to Change You (Hebrews)

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LNB-19 911117PM “El Tablazo looked so close.  Too close.  It happened so fast.  Exploding into the jagged 14,000-foot peak, the DC-4 disintegrated with a metallic scream.   What was left of the Avianca Airline flight bound for Quito, Ecuador, flamed crazily down the mountainside into a deep ravine.  One awful moment illuminated a cold Colombian mountain in the night, then the […]

Touching God

LNB-17    ZBA-01 911027PM   In the ancient world, the world of the Parthenon, Aereopagus, the Acropolis, Coliseum, vast amphitheaters, hippodromes, and agoras…   As chariots rattled and horses snorted and pawed at the cobble stone Roman roads…   Gladiators, athletes and Roman legionaries robed in purple, scarlet and white…   Sun glinted from swords, […]

The Holy Spirit in Ephesians

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LNB-16 911020PM Let’s talk about power, tremendous power, power we can relate to – and get a hold on.  Imagine with me 625 square miles of Rhode Island, roughly alive from the TF green alp west to Vernon (Mooseup Valley/Green R.I. on the Ct. border south… to Ashaway on west à Pt. Judith on the east – bottom […]

The Holy Spirit in Galatians

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LNB-15 911013PM GALATIANS (AD 48-50) The Holy Spirit in Galatians emphasizes the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation. Membership fee is zero but the Maintenance fee costs you everything. Galatians was written to counter false teaching about Christianity and the law and the relationship between faith and works.   SALVATION—SPIRIT WAKING          And Can […]

The Holy Spirit in I Corinthians

LNB-13 910922PM Corinth was a seaport city Paul entered in Acts 18 on his 2nd journey. He ministered 2 years.   Corinth was a city in ancient Greece known as Vanity Fair. It was a city of: Materialism Antagonism Competition Selfishness Hatred Sexual immorality   In such a place a church was born. The tragedy was that instead of the […]

The Habit of Praying Like Daniel

LNB-12 990301AM Daniel PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT PART SIX THE HABIT OF PRAYING LIKE DANIEL In 1989 a Mormon named Steven R. Covey wrote a #1 National Best-selling book called, THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE. Those seven habits were: Be proactive; Begin with the end in mind; Put first things first; Think win-win; […]

Praying Like Busy Daniel

LNB-11 990301AM Daniel PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT PART FIVE PRAYING LIKE BUSY DANIEL In God’s opinion of History, the Kingdom of Babylon was the richest and most glorious of all. Babylon was the head of gold in the image God revealed to NEBUCHADNEZZAR. As Nebuchadnezar’s realm spread across the then known world, it left in […]

Irresistible Love

LNB-06 990523AM THE IRRESISTIBLE LIFE IN THE HOLY SPIRIT The 1st Century Church lived their irresistible Christian lives walking in the Spirit. Those early Christians faced the hostile world, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. If we were to read the newspapers of the day through secular historical writers alive in the 1st Century here […]

Quickening Spirit

LNB-05 990516AM We are continuing our study of WALKING IN THE SPIRIT this morning. This is our 5th element as we ponder the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT to quicken our mortal bodies. At the beginning of our century about the year 1904, Mrs. Civilla Martin experienced first hand the QUICKENING POWER of the Holy Spirit. […]

Transforming Spirit

LNB-04 990509AM 60 years ago the great Bible teacher HA Ironsides was preaching in a park in SF. Prove your Bible. Invited up any whose lives God’s Word had changed. Have you ever comprehended how marvelous is the transforming power of God? May I use the ministry of one of my lifelong heros to illustrate […]

How to Empty Self

LNB-03 990425AM This morning we are continuing our examination of the Spirit filled Walk. Walking in the Spirit is best described in our text this morning, Romans 8. Before we read that, let me use the world around us to describe what God wants to do to the world within us. The Miraculous Physical Power […]

The Holy Spirit in the Bible

LNB-02 990418AM When you and I sit and read the New Testament we are often overwhelmed at what amazing things those saints lived and did for God. In fact as I read over some of the more vivid parts of the New Testament some of the words that came to my mind were unbelievable, incredible […]

Holy Spirit

LNB-01 990411AM The Holy Spirit in the Bible   Last week we pondered the incredible event of the Resurrection of Jesus. We are overwhelmed with joy as we think of  His powerful return from the grave in newness of life and fullness of resurrection power. But have you really stopped to analyze what happened next? Within […]

A Victorious Life Full of New Beginnings

DYG-20  LNB-26   WFL-23 030803AM A Victorious Life Full of New Beginnings DYG: Message Twenty WFL-23 030803AM 1 Peter 1:22-25 Since you have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit in sincere love of the brethren, love one another fervently with a pure heart, having been born again, not of corruptible seed but […]

Supplication – How to Unleash the Power of Prayer

DYG-15   LNB-31   WFL-12   WFP-11 030330AM Supplication: How to Unleash the Power of Prayer DYG: Message Fifteen This morning we are learning about prayer. We have already seen that no one ever prayed as much as Jesus. No one ever said as much about prayer as Jesus. And, no one can impact our lives more to […]

Supplication – With Jesus in the School of Prayer

DYG-14  LNB-28   WFL-09  WFP-08 030302AM Supplication: With Jesus in the School of Prayer  DYG: Message Fourteen One of the first lessons we give to our infant children is how to talk. We look at them as they first learn to follow us with their eyes and say “momma…daddy” and so on. We teach them how […]

Discipline Six – Supplication – Prayer is the Power of a Word Filled Life

DYG-13    LNB-20   WFL-22   WFP-14 030713AM Discipline Six—Supplication: Prayer is the Power of a Word Filled Life DYG: Message Thirteen Jesus said some words that if understood lead to the most fruitful, joyful, and powerful spiritual walk there can be – this side of Heaven. Yet His words often scare us. We think He must […]