What God’s Word says About Christians, Alcohol & Addictions; Gray Areas, Sin, & Sanctification, Liberty & Legalism?

LNB-41 110828PM Q&A-3 Alcohol.doc What God’s Word says about: Christians, Alcohol & Addictions; Gray Areas, Sin & Sanctification; Liberty & Legalism Romans 14; Proverbs & Ephesians 5:18 As believers, God offers through His Word an entire philosophy of how to please God in the realm of gray areas, questionable things, liberty, and legalism; and all […]

Roadblocks to Answered Prayers

LNB-33 030427AM DOAGL-14 SUPPLICATION-6 The Disciplines of a Godly Life: SUPPLICATION-4 Roadblocks to Answered Prayers   Jesus is the final word on praying. He lived it, He taught it, He commended it. No one can more deeply influence us in the realm of prayer than our Lord Jesus. And this morning, one person has more […]

What Stops My Prayers

LNB-32 030406AM DOAGL-13 SUPPLICATION-5 The Disciplines of a Godly Life: SUPPLICATION-5 What Stops My Prayers This morning we are learning from Jesus in the School of Prayer. Our classroom is daily life, our textbook is God’s Word. This morning’s lesson is: “What stops my prayers?” To answer that and to learn what may be the […]

When Prayers Don’t Get Through

LNB-31 030330AM DOAGL-12 SUPPLICATION-4 The Disciplines of a Godly Life: SUPPLICATION-4 Why God Doesn’t Answer Prayers  This morning we are learning about prayer. We have already seen that no one ever prayed as much as Jesus. No one ever said as much about prayer as Jesus. And, no one can impact our lives more to […]

With Jesus in the School of Prayer

LNB-30 030316AM Jesus lived the perfect human life.   Jesus was always praying.   Someone once summarized the Life of Christ as thirty years of perfect living, three years of perfect serving and teaching, one tremendous moment of death – and now 19 plus centuries of praying.   And if you read Hebrews carefully — […]

Talking to God ALL the Time

LNB-28 030302AM One of the first lessons we give to our infant children is how to talk. We look at them as they first learn to follow us with their eyes and say “momma…daddy” and so on. We teach them how to talk, and they learn by imitation and repetition.   One of the first […]

The Holy Spirit in I John – Anointed, Indwelt & Victorious

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LNB-22 911208PM   Open to I John 2:20.   The First Century was a time of confusion.  The Eastern “Mystery Religions” of Isis, Serapsis, Semaramis, Cybelle and Mithras were flooding the Empire.  These religions and Gnosticism taught a secret initiation that only a special leader could give was needed.  Dark chamber, deep underground, flickering torch light robed initiates taken, […]

The Holy Spirit in Peter

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LNB-20 91121PM   The Apostle Peter is a person we all love and we can relate to.  It seems He was always doing something wrong — Paul never seems to be wrong — Peter often!  In fact, we remember most of Peter’s blunders:   FOR TRYING TO DIVERT CHRIST FROM THE CROSS – You say, “Peter tried […]

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