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Resting Our Weary Minds 

Resting Our Weary Minds

Resting Our Weary Minds DWM-35   NR1-40   NR7-22   RIG-08   WFF-51   WWJ-32 000917AM As you open to our exposition of Colossians 3:1-17 this morning, may I make one thing perfectly clear: God wants your mind. More than anything else God wants to have the control of your mind. If God has your mind – He has your body, If God has […]

How to End the Hurry

How to End the Hurry In My Life

How to End the Hurry NR1-37 NR7-19   RIG-05   DWM-34  WFF-48   WWJ-29 000903AM The Holy Spirit chose eight different Hebrew[1] words to paint the picture of the God who seeks us to come silently before Him and to listen to Him through His Word. A personal Sabbath feeds our patience, strengthens our obedience, focuses our spirit […]

Enjoying a Personal Sabbath Rest

Enjoying a Personal Sabbath Rest

Enjoying a Personal Sabbath Rest DWM-33   NR1-36   NR7-18   RIG-04  WFF-47   WWJ-28 000827AM Just to feed three million people would take 1300 railroad box cars of food each day, or a daily train 9 1/2 miles long! Can you imagine the deafening buzz of all those people talking, walking, bartering, gathering, cooking, cleaning and caring for […]

How to Slow Life Down

How to Slow Life Down

How to Slow Life Down DWM-32   NR1-34  NR7-16    RIG-02   WFF-45   WWJ-26 000820AM Isaiah 58:13-14 Did you notice this morning the pace of your life as you came here to worship God? Perhaps[1] we all need to slow down and reflect on the following…   The paradox of our time in history is that we have […]

Seeing Jesus in Mark

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NR1-09   WWJ-01 000102PM WALKING WITH JESUS THROUGH THE GOSPEL BY MARK Today, we begin an incredible new study. You hold today in your hands: The ONLY Book for EVERY person in ANY situation for ALL of Life! We are starting a year-long time of WALKING WITH JESUS. Through the eyes of Peter, from the pen […]

Christ’s Finished Work

MMG-04   NR1-27   NR6-34   WWJ-19 000618PM When Jesus reached the last evening He would share with His beloved disciples, He celebrated Passover with them and transformed it into a special memorial to the FINISHED WORK of His death. He inaugurated the Lord’s Supper as the fulfillment of all Passovers. Communion is for His church to celebrate until He […]

The Plan of Jesus

NR1-06   REV-06 980419PM Jesus Has Warned About the Dangers Coming in the Future Mt. St. Helen’s[1] belched gray steam plumes hundreds of feet into the blue Washington sky.  Geologists watched their seismographs in growing wonder as the earth danced beneath their feet.  Rangers and state police, sirens blaring, herded tourists and residents from an ever-widening […]