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MISC 13-10: Husbands Loved by Their Wives

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On this Father’s Day, we each have a message from God, written down and sent to us in His Word, the Bible. God’s Word is so vital for life that we should spend time every day listening as God speaks to us from His Word.

To make this a most special and deeply impactful Father’s Day, consider deciding to give your husband or father the best, most enduring and precious gift you could ever give to him. The gift would be to affirm again, or begin to be the woman that God has designed you to be.

MISC 09-01: Exposing the Dark Evils of Abortion

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Please open with me to Philippians 3:14-21.

Each of us who have had a spiritual heart transplant (Ezekiel 36:26-27), and have been born again (John 3), and have become a temple (I Corinthians 6:19-20) that the Living God lives in—are also now citizens of Heaven. 

This morning we are to be those who declare God’s forgiveness as we live in this world as strangers and pilgrims, while having our real citizenship in Heaven. As citizens of Heaven we have a duty God has given us to expose evil.

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