Dinosaurs & Dragons

BNW-13  GEN-37   LWP-25 960915AM   REJOICE IN OUR CREATOR GOD Would you join me at the Creation week? It was quite a world God made! God created the land that flourished with plants v. 9-13. The power of growth in plants is astounding! A sunflower will produce 4,000 seeds from one seed planted. A kernel […]

Demon Intrusion – Why God Flooded the Earth

BNW-10 (DDD-4) GEN-34  LWP-22 960728AM Satan the Adversary has tried to mess up God’s plan over and over. There are at least 7 times He tried to do so. He tempted and led to sin Adam & Eve in Genesis 3. But God promised a seed. A deliverer who would redeem humanity. He incited self-righteous […]

The Flood – A Silent Witness

BNW-07 (DDD-1)  GEN-31   LWP-19  BYT-09 960714AM As an 11 year old Jr. High student I sat at the feet of Dr. John Whitcomb as he said: We have been living in an age of deep skepticism. A century of evolutionary philosophy, with its seeds of naturalism and atheism, has yielded the bitter fruits of revolution, […]

The Descent of Mankind

BNW-04   GEN-28   LWP-16 000917PM All over the world paleontological research digs are turning up more and more fragments of bones, teeth, skulls, and tools. Once unearthed, fantastic claims of bridge species, missing links, and new examples of someone theories are trumpeted instantly by internet news providers globally. In their wake come seasoned, science fiction soaked, […]

God Remembers Noah

BNW-02  GEN-26  LWP-14 000423PM No one escaped, the Lost World perished in the Genesis Flood engineered by God. This is the event we will read about in God’s Word. And this event directly caused the death of every man woman, and child on Earth, except 8. It devastated all the forests of earth. It drowned, […]

The Cup of Demons

BNW-12 (DDD-6)  GEN-36   LWP-24  The Cup of Demons 960811AM 1 Corinthians 10:14-22 In C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters[1], Uncle Screwtape offers his nephew a little advice on the goal and strategy of temptation. You will say that these are very small sins; and doubtless, like all young tempters, you are anxious to be able […]

Running from God

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991219AM CPL-12 Fall- 6 PARADISE LOST SERIES MESSAGE # 6 “RUNNING FROM GOD” GENESIS 3:7-24 This morning we conclude this visit to Paradise Lost. This is our 6th and final glimpse into our 1st parents ruin. Please open with me to Genesis 3:7-24. First let me trace the outline of these 18 verses: Mankind RUNNING […]

Doubting God

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991205AM CPL-10 Fall- 4 PARADISE LOST SERIES MESSAGE # 4 “DOUBTING GOD” When Adam and Eve chose to DOUBT GOD they started a tidal wave of sin that flood our lives to this day. This morning this is our 4th visit in our Paradise Lost Series and each of us present in this room is […]

The Four Spiritual Flaws

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991128AM  CPL-09 Fall- 3 PARADISE LOST SERIES MESSAGE # 3 “THE FOUR SPIRITUAL FLAWS” This morning each of us present in this room is fallen. That means we live with the tragic results of the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Look with me into the garden, Eden’s delight, where death, […]

Satan’s Weakness

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991121AM  CPL-08 Fall-2 PARADISE LOST SERIES MESSAGE # 2 “SATAN’S WEAKNESS” God is in an all out war against PRIDE this morning. He wants to stamp it out in our lives this morning. Let’s let Him give us an exam this morning and help us cure our “I” problem today! The most glaring portrait of […]

Paradise Lost

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991114AM CPL-07 Fall-1 PARADISE LOST SERIES MESSAGE # 1 “PARADISE LOST” What ever happened to Paradise? There was a perfect earth with no sin when Genesis 2 ends. What a place it must have been with all of the glow of Creation unshrouded by sin. Every creature was good, every part of the universe was […]

Six Literal Days

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991107AM CPL-06 Creation-6 IN THE BEGINNING GOD SERIES MESSAGE # 6 WHY DOES IT MATTER? BECAUSE IT’S THE SIGNATURE OF GOD Creation is the Signature of God revealing God’s stamp of ownership across everything in this Universe. This morning we are INERRANTISTS, we believe this book is the Holy Word of God. We are also […]

Heavens Declare

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991017AM CPL-05 Creation-5 IN THE BEGINNING GOD SERIES MESSAGE # 5 “WHICH GOD MADE THE UNIVERSE” This morning God has written His Creative signature across this world. The Heavens and the Earth are crying out in testimony to HIM. This morning, I want you to check out the signature of God across our world. If […]

In Six Days

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990926AM CPL-04 Creation-4 IN THE BEGINNING SERIES MESSAGE # 4 “IN SIX DAYS” Two lines run through the history of mankind: the line of Christ and the line of Antichrist, the line of the Woman’s seed and that of the serpent. 9 The Christ line begins with Adam, passes via Golgotha, and leads to the […]

God Created the Earth

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990919AM CPL-03 Creation-3 IN THE BEGINNING SERIES MESSAGE # 3 “AND THE EARTH” GENESIS 1:1 The more I read the Bible the more convinced I am that God is God. The more I read God’s Word the more assured I am of God’s power and awesome plan. In fact the Bible is the self revelation […]

God Created the Heavens

990912AM CPL-02 Creation-2 “GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS” Have you thought about God lately? I mean, about how big and powerful He is? This morning we are going to look at four words in our Bibles. Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. .År,a;h; taewÒ µyIm’V;h’ tae µyhil¿aÔ ar;B; tyviareB] 1 […]

In The Beginning

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990905AM CPL-01 IN THE BEGINNING CREATION SERIES IN THE BEGINNING GOD GENESIS 1-2 LESSON 1 CREATION “THE TEN MOST IMPORTANT WORDS” GENESIS 1:1 Please open to the ten most important words in the Bible, they are the 1st 10 words and they are found in Genesis 1:1 ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and […]

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