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Practicing Biblical Humility

The Prayer of the Humble – Empty Me God, So That You Get All the Glory in My Life

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As we open in our Bibles to Matthew 6, think of the context for these verses. Jesus looked out at a group of men, His disciples, that were so much like all of us. They needed humility.

They were wired to be proud, and needed a regular, daily reminder of needing to be emptied of that pride. So Jesus crafted a Divine Recipe for the best life possible.

Giving to God a Life Wrapped with Humility

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Before we move too far on from Christmas in this new year, open with me please, to Luke 2:8-20.

As we open in our Bibles to the Gospel by Luke, chapter 2, we are continuing to look at Practicing Biblical Humility. God provides us with one of the most beautiful portraits of humility in this so well-known account from Christ’s birth. Look at the elements God uses to make this portrait of humility: