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Latitude of God’s Will- tyhe

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120226PM QAA-07 Does God Allow Us to Have Free and Chosen CHOICES Positive Choice/Benefits Negative Choice/Consequence OT: Bless OT: Curse Leviticus 26 If, then v.3-13, 40 If not, then v.14-39 No good thing withhold (Ps 84:11-12) blessed Withheld, not blessed Proverbs benefits if apply (4:18) Proverbs loss if not Isaiah 32:17; 48:18; 58 not Daniel […]

Meet Your Senior Partner (II Corinthians)

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941023CE QAA-01 MEET YOUR SENIOR PARTNER! A STUDY OF THE NEW TESTAMENT MINISTRY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT 2nd Corinthians 13.14 Among the nearly 300 Old and New Testament references to the Spirit, Perhaps the most profound is II Corinthians 13:14. Lets turn there to start this study. 2 Corinthians 13:14 The grace of the Lord […]

What God’s Word says About Christians, Alcohol & Addictions; Gray Areas, Sin, & Sanctification, Liberty & Legalism?

LNB-41 110828PM Q&A-03 Alcohol.doc What God’s Word says about: Christians, Alcohol & Addictions; Gray Areas, Sin & Sanctification; Liberty & Legalism Romans 14; Proverbs & Ephesians 5:18 As believers, God offers through His Word an entire philosophy of how to please God in the realm of gray areas, questionable things, liberty, and legalism; and all […]