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The Real Peter Pt.3

  BIO-03    SPC-05    ZNA-336 910623AM Peter-3 A BIOGRAPHY OF PETER PART 3 During the first decade of the church Peter is the dominant figure. The Apostle who spoke for the twelve, walked on water, confessed Jesus is the Christ, and shared the most intimate moments (transfiguration / Gethsemane) Continued as the spokesman 1) […]

Pergamos-Samson: Sin Binds, Blinds, Grinds

  030601PM BIO-12     NR2-24    WTB-51 STONES-17 PERGAMOS THE STONES OF GOD’S WITNESS: PERGAMOS– LESSONS IN LIVING AT THE END OF DAYS THE DANGER OF THE COMPROMISED CHRISTIAN God’s Word records that Sampson’s life pictures compromise. Great blessing and strength in one area of our lives does not make up for neglect and weakness […]

Who Was Peter?

  An Interview with Peter on the RCC Mark 8:27 Part 6 BIO-04   NR6-06 920119AM V. 27 We saw the contrast — it was a pagan cultic shrine area Christ chose to be revealed, where cries of Caesar is Lord rang. Jesus Christ was proclaimed to be God in human flesh. V. 28 introduced us to the confusion that […]