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Our Pledge to the Lamb

  030525PM COM-03   EBG-08  SPC-09 This evening the song we heard the ensemble sing is a reminder of Christ’s call to those first disciples. The Pledge of Allegiance they made reflects how we are to operate as Christ’s followers today. Jesus calls men and women, boys and girls to pledge to follow Him at all […]

The Real Peter Pt.3

  BIO-03    SPC-05    ZNA-336 910623AM Peter-3 A BIOGRAPHY OF PETER PART 3 During the first decade of the church Peter is the dominant figure. The Apostle who spoke for the twelve, walked on water, confessed Jesus is the Christ, and shared the most intimate moments (transfiguration / Gethsemane) Continued as the spokesman 1) […]

Thanksgiving – A Season and a Life-Long Choice

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SPC-90 111123PM Thanksgiving is the atmosphere that surrounds God’s Throne; and Thanksgiving is God’s will for all of our days lived on Earth. On this Thanksgiving week, are you thankful? As we open to I Thessalonians 5:18, most of us are thankful for the good things we enjoy—like a safe and comfortable homes, a job, […]

Tenth Anniversary-Barnetts

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050227am SPC-38 Whats Next-03 What’s Next Series Pestilences Luke 21:11 Tonight a menacing plague is stalking our planet. Quietly in farms and homes across Asia a global, deadly, unstoppable inflenza pestilence is mutating, strengthening—and trying to find a way out. Last time it got out almost four million people died in 1964. The time before […]

Palm Sunday-Behold the Lamb

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ORS-04 SPC-06 010408AM Palm Sunday John-1 Palm Sunday: behold the lamb We have opened our Bibles to the start of the greatest week in the history of the universe since spoken into creation by the Creator. On this day, Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem[1] at the time the Passover Lamb was chosen. He proclaimed Himself […]

The Greatest Power of All

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ORS-02 SPC-04 030420AM Easter Unleashing the Greatest Power Unleashing the Greatest Power of All John 20 When Jesus stepped from the Tomb on Resurrection morning, God unleashed the greatest power of all. Often we fail to understand the magnitude of what really happened. Here is what had changed — after the Resurrection Jesus was no […]

Have the Greatest Power by Word-Filled Prayer

EBG-17  SPC-65 070421AM Servants of God: Last for Ever Servants of God: Live for Others Servants of God: Look like Christ What was Christ’s Final Action on Earth New Testament Ministry of Blessing Others In the New Testament a “blessing” we offer to a loved one is basically a prayer of encouragement for them. 2127 eulogeo is a verb used 44 times […]

Thanks to God

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EBG-16  SPC-56 981122AM  American History chronicles numerous events called the “first” Thanksgiving. Perhaps the earliest recorded Thanksgiving celebration occurred 57 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth in 1621. The first American Thanksgiving was at a small colony of French Huguenots[1] who established a settlement near present-day Jacksonville, Florida. On June 30, 1564, their leader, Rene de Laudonniere, […]