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The Glory of Christmas

GCM-48 – The Hands of God, Face of God, and Feet of God: In a Manger

/ The Glory of Christmas

Christmas Eve Communion: a time to stop and rest in the blur of the holidays. 

Tonight in the quietness, with hearts gathered to worship, we lift our grateful hearts to the God become man, the Baby born to die, and the Savior who came to become sin for us.

Christmas Eve is our time like those who first witnessed His birth: to also bow in utter unworthiness at His feet, and pour out our treasures before Him. 

GCM-49 – Jesus Arrived at the Perfect Time

/ The Glory of Christmas

The Kid’s praise reminds us that in the days of “Caesar Augustus”, Jesus Christ was born. 
Luke 2:1 (NKJV) And it came to pass in those days that a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered.

There are two elements to that truth we need to ponder before we go. 

First, does it really matter, what day He was born on? 

And secondly, why did God pick the time of Augustus Caesar? 

GCM-50 – The Glory of Christmas is in the Name of Jesus

/ The Glory of Christmas

Christmas Day, gathered as the Church of Jesus Christ, we celebrate the Glory of God revealed at Birth of our Savior. That Glory of Christmas is in the Name of Jesus.

This is a time to think of what Christmas really means: 

Christmas Declares: Jesus is Unlike Anyone
Who was Ever Born, Lived, or Died

Jesus is unlike anyone who has ever been born. 

GCM-47 – Mary: A Beautiful Woman

/ The Glory of Christmas

God loves beauty, surrounds Himself with beauty, and wants us to allow His beauty to be upon us. In the prayer of Moses the man who knew God face-to-face we find these words, listen to Moses’ prayer at the very end of Psalm 90:

Psalm 90:17 (NKJV) And let the beauty  of the LORD our God be upon us, And establish the work of our hands for us; Yes, establish the work of our hands.

Moses wanted God’s beauty to rest upon his life. 

GCM-45 – The Theology of Christmas

/ The Glory of Christmas

Isn’t it amazing how excited the witnesses of Christmas became, as they saw Him? 

Surrounding Christ’s birth are groups of believers who overflow with geysers of praise.

Sometimes we need to get close to them and see what they saw, then we will also feel the wonder, and overflow with praise.. In each of these five hymns of praise we find the truths about God which are the Theology of Christmas.

GCM-44 – Lessons in Worshipping Christ From the Wisemen

/ The Glory of Christmas

audio Block Double-click here to upload or link to a .mp3.Learn more. Christmas was when the greatest event since Creation, took place in a sleepy little village just five miles south of Jerusalem. But the lives of most people surrounding Christ’s birth were like the rooms of Bethlehem’s Inn—too full to let Jesus in. Christmas […]

GCM-46 – Joseph: The Quiet Man

/ The Glory of Christmas

As we open to Matthew 1, whenever I look at the cast of Christmas: one member stands out because he is so quiet. 

Joseph is one of the main characters: he opens the Christmas story in Matthew 1 and closes the story in Luke 2. In case you didn’t think what that means, he’s in every scene in all 4 of the chapters devoted to Christ’s birth. Joseph can be called:

Quiet Man

GCM-51 – Lessons in Seeking Christ From the Humble Shepherds

/ The Glory of Christmas

When God gets to tell the story of salvation, the Coming of the King, the birth of the Lamb of God—what details does He carefully include for us?

Here’s one that has shaped my whole outlook on life, on worship, on Bible study, and most of all—on prayer. God really loves and responds to humility.

Who came first to the birthplace of the King? The humblest, lowliest, and most unworthy in man’s eyes of all the inhabitants living around Bethlehem—the shepherds. 

GCM-43 – Anna: Living a Grace-Energized Life of Praise

/ The Glory of Christmas

As we open to Luke 2:36, and are introduced to the life of Anna, I’d ask you to underline two words in your mind. First, in v. 36 “she was of great age”—underline in your mind OLD. Second, in v. 37 “a widow of about 84 years”—underline in your mind ALONE.

There you go, in two words you could describe the woman we are going to meet this morning. Anna was OLD and ALONE. Yet from this account God gives to us, this old and alone woman was also vibrant, filled with joy, overflowing with God’s Word and in love with the Lord. She is just what any woman who knows the Lord would want to become…

An Old Testament
Woman of Grace

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