Who Moved the Stone?-2

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041114PM NR2-53 WOTB-34 Who Moved the Stone-2 Who Moved the Stone? John 20.1-15 Nothing in all the Bible compares to the drama of John 20. In these short verses we have the very heart of all we believe. Jesus Christ declared to be the Son of God – by the glorious power of the resurrection! […]

Christ’s Resurrection Priorities Pt. 2

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041017PM NR2-52 WOTB-32 HE AROSE Christ’s Resurrection Priorities   Our Risen Lord wants to impact your life tonight in a special way. By the power of the Resurrection He can take you from where you are to where He wants you to be. Watch the following groups of saints deeply touched by a face to […]

Because He Rose

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040912PM NR2-49 WOTB-28 He Arose He Rose Again   Christ’s Resurrection is our focus this evening.   Step back with me and think about the entire event.   Think about the impact that Christ’s stepping out of that tomb had on the “inner circle”. If there were 500 plus witnesses as Paul speaks of in […]

The Greatest Life Ever Lived

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040104PM NR2-47 WOTB-10 From the Cradle to the Cross-3 From the Cradle To the Carpenter’s Shop To the Cross Title Slide This evening I would like to take you on a Faith Journey. That is a journey that strengthens and encourages faith in God’s Word and in God’s Plan for each of us.   Slide: […]

He was Buried-2

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040808PM NR2-45 WOTB-25 He Was Buried He Was Buried There are two amazing men that we find in the opening and closing pages of the Gospel by John. The first was Nicodemus who comes to Jesus by night and hears the greatest verse in the Bible which was spoken to him. Every time you hear […]

The Exact Confirmation – Signs 1-2

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NR2-44 040509PM The Resurrection of Christ Importance of the Resurrection The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the crowning proof of Christianity. Everything else that was said or done by Christ and the Apostles, no matter how great or marvelous, is secondary to the resurrection in importance. If the resurrection did not […]

The Exact Event

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040425PM NR2-43 WOTB-18 The Exact Event The Exact Event One of the greatest proofs we as believers can ever find about God’s Word is found in fulfilled prophesy. Of all the prophecies fulfilled in the Bible, the clearest and most verified are those surrounding Christ’s 1st coming and death.   Tonight we are in the […]

The Passion Road

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040404PM NR2-42 WOTB-16 The Passion Road The Passion Road Tonight we follow the Road to Calvary. The journey that Jesus took from Pilate’s Palace, to the Pavement or Gabbatha in the Fortress of Antonio to Golgotha – was for the sin of the world. Jesus offered Himself there on that Cross as the Lamb of […]

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