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The Power of the Book You Can Trust


APO-02 120401PM Short Clip HOW DID WE GET OUR BIBLE, & HOW DID GOD KEEP IT SAFE FROM ERRORS? 1 PETER 1:22-23   God has made an amazing claim. Listen to what he tells us in 1 Peter 1:22-23—God has stated that His Word endures forever. Of course, we know that the Word as far […]


APO-01l 120304PM Short Clip This is the very voice of the infinite, endless of days, eternal, all-powerful creator of the universe who has communicated to us and has intercepted, intersected, and invaded time and space and spoken to us.   This book is unlike any book. It’s unlike any other piece of any part of […]


APO-03 120513PM Short Clip TRUSTING GOD’S WORD LIKE JESUS DID JOHN 17:17 The Bible has probably never been under more attack than today. A generation is arising around us that doesn’t know the Bible well enough to defend it, and the secularists have taken the high ground and are winning in their attack on the […]

JESUS EXPLAINS THE COSMIC WAR RAGING DAILY–Satan vs. Israel God’s Chosen People of Promise the Jews

From 2020REV-15d – War In Heaven 200425PM Short Clip What we see in Global Events is just one side of the equation. There is also a Cosmic War that is played out invisibly as well as in daily events. here’s a quick overview. Revelation 12 also contains two signs—the sign of the woman and the […]


EBI-03 130210PM Short Clip How to Interpret the Bible Correctly: #3 The Bridge of Bible Geography As a student of God’s Word for over 40 years, there is one simple question that fills my heart and mind as I read the Bible, “What does this passage mean?” Bible teachers are called to explain the Bible, […]

DON’T BE AN AVERAGE AMERICAN–Americans Watch 140 Hours of TV Monthly–BIBLE TAKES ONLY 72 to READ!

REV1-5-1 181011AM Short Clip One challenge I give EVERY class is the PRIORITY to read the Word of God. Jesus said it is the ONLY way to REALLY live in Matthew 4:4. Jesus also said it is the ONLY way to stay CLEAN in John 17:17. Why not add up all your gaming, Insta, FB, […]

DO YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE? Here’s a quick 30-Minute Overview & Summary

EBI-04 130310PM Short Clip One of the amazing elements of Holy Land travel is that you are seeing the entire spectrum of Old Testament events all at once. Many sites have witnessed everything from Abraham through Christ and up to the present. So, for most believers this is bewildering. Through a few very easy memory […]

The Flood – A Silent Witness

  BNW-07  GEN-31   LWP-19  BYT-09 960714AM As an 11 year old Jr. High student I sat at the feet of Dr. John Whitcomb as he said: We have been living in an age of deep skepticism. A century of evolutionary philosophy, with its seeds of naturalism and atheism, has yielded the bitter fruits of revolution, […]

Book You Can Trust

960512AM BYT-01 May I impress upon your heart that the book you hold in your hands is unlike any other in the Universe? And with that truth deeply upon our hearts, in the days ahead, shouldn’t we treat it differently, read it diligently, wait before it expectantly and from it learn to live triumphantly? There […]

What Bible Did Jesus Use?

  960519AM BYT-02   Not too many months ago the Congress of the US “pulled the plug on NASA’s elaborate search for radio signals from alien life”.[1] SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence project) has been an American scientific community priority for many years.  Because of the evolutionary belief system so prominent in our culture […]

Science Proves It

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  BYT-03 960526AM   Let’s take our Bibles and before you open them, I want to tell you what we’re doing.  We’re talking and we’re right in the midst of a wonderful series called “The Book that You Can Trust.”  And as you hold your Bible in your hands, I think immediately of what Charles […]

Creation Or Evolution

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BYT-04 960602AM This morning there are ten words that will determine your destiny.  In fact they’re the ten most important words in the whole universe.  In fact, they’re the foundation for every single one of us this morning that have a hope of eternal life, that we are resting our eternal hope on.  And they’re […]

Biblical Creationism

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960609AM Genesis 1:1 BYT-05   Remember the first words Jesus and the Apostles read at their mothers knees. For all Jewish children were taught to read starting with the Torah, the first five books of Moses. Why don’t we read them together this morning!   Genesis 1:1     In the beginning God created the heavens and […]

The Evidence Of Biblical Prophecy

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   BYT-07 960623AM ISAIAH 40:8 What is the simplest and yet most profound evidence the Bible offers?  Fulfilled Biblical prophecy. What an irrefutable verification reserved to the Judeo-Christian Scriptures alone. Prophecy is the missing element in all other sacred scriptures of the world’s religions, It is not to be found in them, by contrast prophecy […]

A Flat Tyre

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BYT-08  960630AM A Flat Tyre Dr. John Phillips states in his book Exploring Prophecy, “Of the hundreds of specific and detailed prophecies in the Bible we could examine, here is one of the most famous: the body of prophecy concerning the destruction of Tyre. That magnificent Phoenician city on the coast of Palestine was leveled […]

The Life Changing Book

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960922AM BYT-10 Open your Bibles to the Psalm extolling the majesty of God’s word, Psalm 19:7 The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple. (KJV) Many years ago a missionary statesman stood holding a well worn Bible and said: Though the cover is worn […]

The Power Of Scripture

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960929AM Psalm 19 BYT-11 Perhaps the clearest picture of the Power of Scripture was painted by a shepherd boy on a grassy hill in the Middle East 3,000 years ago.   Unquestionably the most majestic and awesome affirmation of the Divine Scriptures is in Psalm 19. As we turn there think with me. . . […]

Have You Met Your Creator?

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961103AM BYT-12 Genesis 1: The first words the Bible opens are the Creator introducing Himself to us, His creations. “In the beginning God . . . “ John 1: The Gospels start and Jesus is introduced as the Creator announcing His coming to earth “In the beginning was the Word . . .all things were made by Him […]

God’s Word – The Divine Teacher

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961110AM Psalm 19 BYT-13 Our text this morning is Psalm 19:7     The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple. (KJV)   IN THE DRAWING ROOM (1954 R.B. Munger) We walked next into the drawing room.  This room was rather intimate and comfortable.  […]

Restoring The Soul

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961117AM BYT-14 The source that gives ultimate light is the sublimely described Scriptures.Psalm 19:7-9 has six synonyms for God’s Word and twelve qualities ascribed to it. Each of these 18 descriptions of the Word of God is an inspired photo of the divine power of God’s Word. It is sufficient. It can absolutely meet its purpose! […]

God’s Word Restores The Soul

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961124AM Psalm 19 BYT-15 Our world[1] is filled with mysteries. For thousands of years humans have lived, left their accomplishments and died. Only in our day of global travel and television has the magnitude of these ancient mysteries been confirmed. Who constructed the megaliths of Europe that number in the tens of thousands. Each stone […]

The Divine Witness

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961201AM Psalm 19 BYT-16 God’s Word: the divine Witness Do you know what Abraham Lincoln had in his pockets the night of his assassination at the Ford Theater? The actor John Wilkes Booth, shot and mortally wounded the 16th president of the US,  on April 14th, 1865, just 5 days after the South surrendered and […]

The Security Of The Divine Directions

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961208AM BYT-17 Flight 961 It was a typical flight. One that occurs thousands of times every day around the world. Ethiopian Air Flight 961 took off November 23rd, 1996 from Addis Ababa. Onboard were 163 passengers and 12 crew members. Among those flying that Saturday were Mr. & Mrs. Andy Meakins. Andy was an elder at […]

The Glory Of God

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961222AM Psalm 19:8b BYT-19 “The glory of God” On an unnamed hill, surrounded by sheep contentedly munching their grass, a handful of shepherds witnessed the greatest sound and light show ever staged. God’s birth announcement filled the front page of the sky that night. The only ones He found that were in tune were the […]

Our Glorious Lord

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  961229AM Psalm 19:8b BYT-20 “our glorious God”   Please open with me to Luke 9:28 on our way to our study of Psalm 19. 19Come with me to the place Jesus let His Glory shine. Come to that hallowed spot that Peter couldn’t shake the memory of. To his dying day he remembered that […]

Fearing God

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970105AM Psalm 19:9a BYT-21 The fear of the Lord may best be described in the lives of two shepherd boys. Both knew only nomadic life. Following the pasture. Feeding the sheep. Leading the flock. Protecting the weak.   It was a quiet and demanding sort of life. Cold and damp nights on the ground. Long […]

The Divine Condition

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970119AM Psalm 19:9a BYT-22 Psalm 19:9 The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring forever; The judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether. (NKJV)   The pre-eminate attribute of God is His HOLINESS. All other aspects of His character radiate outward from that attribute. His holiness is His utter distinction from all His […]

Liberating Truth

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970202AM PSALM 19:9B BYT-23 As you open your copy of God’s Divine Truth this morning, turn to Psalm 19:9.  History records one tragic life lived off the pathway of truth. Let’s heed it! [1]   Who really cared?  His was a routine admission to busy Bellevue Hospital.  A charity case, one among hundreds.  A bum […]

Warned and Rewarded

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970223AM BYT-25 We all are surrounded each day by warnings of every kind; that bothersome seat belt alarm in our cars, the smoke detectors when the toast gets stuck in the toaster, labels on food warning that it has too much fat or sugar and so on! Radiation, sun, and air are all dangerous, we […]

God’s Rewarded

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970302AM Psalm 19:11  BYT-26 ILLUSTRATION: RIMMER LETTER As you turn to this portion of Scripture let me read a letter[1] Dr. Harry Rimmer wrote in 1953, just a week before his death. He wrote to the great radio Bible teacher, Dr. Charles Fuller who was just starting a series on heaven, just as we are […]

What God Rewards

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970316AM Psalm 19:11 BYT-27 Psalm 19:11 Moreover by them is thy servant warned: [and] in keeping of them [there is] great reward. (KJV) Have you ever heard anyone say, “Well you can’t take it with you!” That is true. God no less says the same thing. But so many have tried. Most notably we think […]

Prophecy: the Signature of God

080907AM BYT-29 The Book of Revelation is God’s final word to mankind; it is also the most powerful book of the Bible. Nearly twenty years ago I began writing a book about living hope based on Biblical prophecy because I believed that the last book of the Bible is the most hope filled, hope inspiring, […]

One Huge Event In Prophecy

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080914AM BYT-30 Please turn with me to the second to the last Old Testament book called Zechariah. There God gives us the key to understanding His plan for the last days of Earth. Everything in God’s mind centers upon one place, one city, one word and that is JERUSALEM.   When Jesus told His disciples […]

You Can Trust God’s Science

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080921AM BYT-31 II Timothy 3:16   God has spoken. The words He spoke are God’s Word the Bible. All Scripture—is given by inspiration of God. All Scripture is profitable for doctrine. All Scripture is profitable for reproof. All Scripture is profitable for correction. All Scripture is profitable for instruction in righteousness. God has declared that […]

Extinction Level Event

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081123AM BYT-37 II Peter 3:1-8   God tells us in Genesis 7:11, that the most disastrous event that has ever happened on earth began. Please open there with me. God sent an extinction level event to the Earth judging the entire human race completely given over to sin. No one on the Earth survived. No […]

The Book Jesus Trusted

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As an eight year old, I will always remember learning one word in the sign language of the deaf—the Bible was the “Jesus” (signed by nail prints in hands) “Book” (signed by hands, palms together and then opening like a book)”.

What a perfect way to portray, describe, and express the truth of God’s Word. Our Bibles really are, and should always be to us: the Jesus Book.

The Jesus Book

While here on Earth Jesus lived out the God’s Word, spoke God’s Word, used the God’s Word, and affirmed God’s Word. Central to we believe is this Jesus Book. In fact, after Christ’s Resurrection He came back and taught a small class on “How to Understand the Bible”, He had two students and a recording of His lesson remains for us in Luke 24. As we open there, listen as Jesus explains to ordinary people, the extraordinary content of the Book we hold in our hands today. Luke 24:25-45:

The Implications of Christ’s Convictions About Science, History & Prophecy

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What standard do we use to measure proper handling of the Bible? Whenever we use the Bible one standard we should always seek to gage if we are doing so correctly. The standard is how Jesus used God’s Word. 

This morning as we open to John 1:1-18, we need to consider the implications of Christ’s convictions about the Word of God, because:

Jesus has the
Highest View of Scripture

The Implications of Christ’s Convictions About Salvation

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This morning as we open to John 3:16, one of the best known verses in the Bible, we also open to just one of over 100+ different times the New Testament records the good news of salvation, or the Gospel, being explained. 

While turning to John 3, see if you can repeat with me the best know verse in the Bible. Here we go:

“For God….so loved…” 

Yes, there you have it—the best know verse in the Bible; and starting at this passage  we are considering the implications of Christ’s convictions about salvation. 

God is Pro-Life – Citizens of Heaven Expose the Dark Evils of Abortion and Declare the Power of Christ’s Forgiveness

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Please open with me to Philippians 3:14-21.

Each of us who have had a spiritual heart transplant (Ezekiel 36:26-27), and have been born again (John 3), and have become a temple (I Corinthians 6:19-20) that the Living God lives in—are also now citizens of Heaven. 

This morning, as citizens of Heaven, we have a duty God has given us to expose evil. But as we expose evil in our world we live in, we are also to declare Christ’s power to liberate and forgive sinners.

The Long War
Against Life

The Book You Can Trust – Start Some Holy Habits

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This morning, as we open to II Corinthians 6, let me remind you that: each of us, are creatures of habit.

Habits shape our lives; and little by little, our habits are cementing us into a form that will someday be finished, revealing us for who we really were.

William James (1842-1910), in his classic Principles of Psychology (1890), put it this way:

Could the young but realize how soon they will become mere walking bundles of habits, they would give more heed to their conduct while in the plastic state.  We are spinning our own fates, good or evil, and never to be undone.  Every smallest stroke or virtue or vice leaves its ever so little scar.  

Close the Door to the Devil

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When Jesus faced off with the Devil His weapons were simple—three carefully chosen verses from God’s Holy Word. As we open to Revelation 2, we find that same Jesus writing to a church that had learned the same lesson—how to use God’s Word to overcome and resist the devil, his demons, and their own flesh.

As we open to these verses we are reading Christ’s 1st personal letter to a church. In this letter He commends a group of believers who followed Paul’s teaching and Christ’s example of how to resist the devil at every level in life. We need to pause and ask about what kind of people were these Jesus wrote to at:

Ephesus in the
First Century 

What Bible Did Jesus Use?

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If you were put on the spot and hundreds of eyes and ears were on you and you were asked to give THE reason why you know the Bible is true—what would you say? That question is best answered by remembering what Jesus said in the same situation.

As we open to Matthew 5:18, we are listening to Jesus starting His public ministry. At that huge gathering, called the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus confidently told all the thousands who heard Him speak—that Heaven and Earth would pass away before any word of His Bible failed. Wow, He sure knew He had a Bible He could trust. Jesus didn’t fear that there were any historical, moral, theological, and scientific inaccuracies in His Bible. He had a copy of the Book anyone can Trust!