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REV 1-5-6; Queen of Heaven Hocus Pocus & Lent 181002AM BEWARE: What are some of the pagan rites that have crept into the Church? To name a few would be: The incense burning before images, the orders of priests and monks that are so contradictory to Christ-like humility, the calendar of observances that each originate […]

GOD’S TIMELINE: The 7 Churches Of Revelation 2 & 3 Represent The Church Ages

From APO-18 – Catholic Origins 991107PM Christ has one message to this church: Repent of being wed to the world, stop worldliness… with unbelievers.    The majority of those who call themselves Christians in our world today follow a way of worship that would have offended the apostles and early saints.  What do […]

Why I am Not A Roman Catholic – Is Romanism Biblical

APO-10    NR6-01   REV-35 930307PM Why I am Not A Roman Catholic – Is Romanism Biblical Well, tonight I can’t think of anything more relevant or profitable for us than to study from the word of God, in the love of Christ that he sheds abroad from our hearts, truly what the Bible teaches us […]

Why I am Not A Roman Catholic – The Slow Rise of False Traditions

APO-13    NR6-09   REV-38   ZNA-236 Why I am Not A Roman Catholic – The Slow Rise of False Traditions GALATIANS 1:6-10 930328PM I’d like to start in our study tonight and then review where we’ve been by going to 2Cor, chapter 11. We’re going to do something a little different tonight, I’m going to ask […]

Revelation – Part 6

WOL2016-06 161006AM Today was a real challenge: EXPLAINING how the largest group called “Christians” on Earth, don’t FOLLOW what the Bible says. Thanks for praying as these students processed some big chunks of CHURCH HISTORY this hour. Here’s the LESSON introduction: The worship of Mary as the Queen of Heaven and the 40 days of […]

The Gospel Explained by Peter

GHS-02    MMG-06    NR6-29   WWJ-42 The Gospel Explained by Peter 040201AM The Gospel According to Peter Was Peter the Pope? People need heroes. Part of life is looking up to someone, being inspired by them, and rising to greater levels of accomplishment in whatever field they represent. There are golfing heroes who inspire; basketball […]