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APO-09 NR6-04 980318WE JOHN MACARTHUR TAPE #3 Transcript of 3/18/98 at TBC Well, you know John has been working me to come to Grace Church to preach. We’re friends and you know he’s really been working for an invitation to come to my church and I said, “John, you’re not ready. You’re not ready. You’re […]

Why I am Not A Roman Catholic – Is Romanism Biblical

APO-10    NR6-01   REV-35 930307PM Why I am Not A Roman Catholic – Is Romanism Biblical Well, tonight I can’t think of anything more relevant or profitable for us than to study from the word of God, in the love of Christ that he sheds abroad from our hearts, truly what the Bible teaches us […]

Why I am Not A Roman Catholic – God’s Simple Plan of Salvation

  APO-11   NR6-07    REV-36 930314PM Why I am Not A Roman Catholic –  God’s Simple Plan of Salvation I was challenged this morning after the second service.  Someone came up to me and said, “It’s really wonderful to know everything that the Bible says is wrong about that; but how do you get in […]

Why I am Not A Roman Catholic – Adding to the Gospel to Earn Salvation

APO-12   NR6-08   REV-37 930321PM Why I am Not A Roman Catholic – Adding to the Gospel to Earn Salvation There are seven reasons, but I’ll introduce that starting in verse 6, because the apostle Paul was confronted with something of nearly as great a magnitude as the Roman Church is. And you can see how […]

Why I am Not A Roman Catholic – The Slow Rise of False Traditions

APO-13    NR6-09   REV-38   ZNA-236 Why I am Not A Roman Catholic – The Slow Rise of False Traditions GALATIANS 1:6-10 930328PM I’d like to start in our study tonight and then review where we’ve been by going to 2Cor, chapter 11. We’re going to do something a little different tonight, I’m going to ask […]

Should I Celebrate Halloween?

APO-21 NR6-47 991020WE Should I Celebrate Halloween “Let everyone who names the Name” Paul said, avoid iniquity. Is Halloween a celebration of iniquity? Read on and judge for yourself! 2 Timothy 2:19 Nevertheless, God’s solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are his,” and, “Everyone who confesses the name […]

Run the Race, Look to Jesus

GHS-18  MMG-34   NR6-21   NR7-40   WWJ-61 040822AM Run the Race, Look to Jesus Today we are looking at what God wants from everyone of us who live in the body He made for us. This body is His Temple and what we do with this temple will be the basis for our everlasting reward in His […]

The Good Heart Bears Fruit

GHS-13   KGD-36   MMG-29   NR6-42   NR7-35   TAB-25   WWJ-56 040711AM What does God call time in our lives that is harnessed and used and deposited before Him in Heaven? FRUIT. Look at Mark 4.8 and 20.   Fruit is what is produced by my life that will last forever – prayers from a clean heart, worship from […]

The Good Heart – Lives for Jesus

GHS-12   KGD-04   MMG-28   NR6-41   NR7-34  TAB-24   WWJ-55 040704AM Are you living the “good life” this morning? For many that idea of the “good life” would evoke financial security, great health, abundant pleasures, and constant freedoms. But sadly most of those pursuing that “good life” never find it, what they thought was lasting fades, what they thought was secure […]

The Good Heart – Accepts the Word

GHS-11   KGD-03   MMG-27   NR6-40   NR7-33   TAB-23   WWJ-54 040627AM The Good Heart – Accepts the Word Mark 4:20 With the death and burial of our 40th President there has been a national resurrection of discussions about the greatness of Ronald Regan’s life. Perhaps the single greatest event he is remembered for is breaking down the walls […]

Four Hearts, One Soil

GHS-06   KGD-31   MMG-20   NR6-39   NR7-28   WWJ-49 040418AM Four Hearts – One Soil Its been a long day. Jesus started the day teaching inside a home (Mark 3.20-21) and was approached by His own family who tried to “arrest” Him and drag Him back to Nazareth so they could ‘take care of Him’. Then He was […]

Seven Words of Hope and Life

040411AM MMG-41    NR6-38    NR7-27    TAB-22    WWJ-48 Mark -48 Easter Seven Word of Hope and Life SEVEN WONDERFUL WORDS OF HOPE AND LIFE Jesus lives. The Tomb is empty. Death is defeated. The Grave is opened. God is in control. His Word is true. The Devil is destroyed. Death, Hell, and the […]

Is There Another Way to God?

MMG-19     NR6-03    NR7-26    WWJ-46 040314AM There are really two ultimate questions in life. 1st – “Do you have a personal relationship with God?” And once you answer that, 2nd – “Is there another way to God?” We are in the Gospel by Mark 3.31-35. Jesus stops and looks around at those seated at His […]

Blind Eyes Made to See

MMG-23   NR6-46   WFM-51    020602AM The world according to Jesus is divided into two groups: Those that are in darkness, the spiritually blind and Those that have sight, the spiritually seeing. There are only two kinds of people.  There’s no half sight.  There are no partially blind. You either see or you are totally […]

Christ’s Finished Work

MMG-04   NR1-27   NR6-34   WWJ-19 000618PM When Jesus reached the last evening He would share with His beloved disciples, He celebrated Passover with them and transformed it into a special memorial to the FINISHED WORK of His death. He inaugurated the Lord’s Supper as the fulfillment of all Passovers. Communion is for His church to celebrate until He […]

God as Our Father

MMG-10  NR6-26 010121AM Remember what God promised about Christ’s coming? Isaiah 9:6:   Wonderful Counselor so we never have to be CONFUSED. Mighty God so we never have to be AFRAID. Everlasting Father so we never have to be ALONE. Prince of Peace so we never have to be ANXIOUS.   If church traditions are correct all the Gospel writers had an overwhelming […]

The Message of Jesus -2

/ Why I'm Not A Roman Catholic

NR6-32 000326PM This morning we are going to do just that. We are going to hear the soul winning methods of Jesus. How? Through the eyes and ears of those who spent time alone with Jesus. Through the hearts and minds of those who heard Him soul winning for three plus years. Thus the Book […]

Pergamos – The Security of Jesus

NR2-04   NR6-10   REV-12 980607PM DTS # 13 The Security of Jesus Pergamum: Wed to the World REVELATION 2:12-17   Revelation 2:12-17 12 “and to the angel of the church in Pergamos write, ‘these things says he who has the sharp two-edged sword: 13 “I know your works, and where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is. […]

Who Was Peter?

  An Interview with Peter on the RCC Mark 8:27 Part 6 BIO-04   NR6-06 920119AM V. 27 We saw the contrast — it was a pagan cultic shrine area Christ chose to be revealed, where cries of Caesar is Lord rang. Jesus Christ was proclaimed to be God in human flesh. V. 28 introduced us to the confusion that […]

The True Bride of Christ

NR6-02   REV-39 980809PM The True Bride of Christ Revelation 17 – Why I’m Not A Roman Catholic Aug 9, 1998 | tags: 980809pm   Other congregations meet in churches, synagogues, mosques, cathedrals, and temples where organized religion stresses the achievements of humans working their way to God. This is the church of good works, self-righteousness […]

Christ Abides in My Actions

GHS-17    MMG-33   NR6-20   NR7-39   WWJ-60 040815AM Mark -60 Christ wants to Abide in my Actions Fruitfulness Explained: John 15.1-8 Christ wants to abide in my actions As Paul sat to write the words we will read this morning, he may have glanced out the window of his room along the busy streets of Corinth, […]

God is Faithful

GHS-16    MMG-32   NR6-19   NR7-38   WWJ-59 040808AM Mark-59 God is Faithful Learning God’s Faithfulness Lamentation 3 One of the greatest blessings of life is to know God. Knowing God means that He also knows us. God knowing us means He knows life hurts at times. When ever I go through hard times, sad times, dark […]

Christ Abides in My Attitudes

GHS-15   MMG-31   NR6-18   NR7-37   WWJ-58 040725AM Mark -58 Christ Abiding in my Attitude Fruitfulness Explained: John 15.1-8 Christ wants to Abide – In my Attitude This morning God expects fruit in the life of His children. That fruit comes from a good heart. That good heart is made good by God in a process called […]

Christ Abides in My Time & Treasures

GHS-14    MMG-30   NR6-17   NR7-36  WWJ-57 040718AM Mark -57 Fruitfulness Explained The Good Life – Bears Fruit Mark 4.8 & 20 Fruitfulness Explained: John 15.1-8 Christ wants to Abide – In my Time & Treasures God has big plans for you this morning – if you are His child. He wants to “yield a crop” […]

Do You Have a Personal Relationship with Jesus?

GHS-05   MMG-18  NR6-37   NR7-25    WWJ-45 Do You Have a Personal Relationship with Jesus 040307AM How is your Relationship with Jesus? Who is in Christ’s Family? Do you have a Personal Relationship with Jesus? Mark 3.31-35 The most important question you will every be asked to answer is the question – “Do you have a […]

All Sins are Forgivable

GHS-04   MMG-17   NR6-30  NR7-24  WWJ-44 040222AM MARK 41.44 ALL SINS FORGIVEN COMPLETELY/ABSOLUTELY FORGIVEN The Miracle of Complete Forgiveness Mark 3.20-30 The New Testament records 37 miracles1 that Jesus performed during His earthly ministry. These include sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, life to the dead, health to the sick – and many other […]

The Unpardonable Sin

GHS-03   MMG-07   NR6-36   NR7-23   WWJ-43 THE UNPARDONABLE SIN 040208AM THE SIN FOR WHICH THERE IS NO FORGIVENESS Mark 3.20-30 As we open to Mark 3 today, we open to Jesus walking on this earth and confronting the Scribes, men of the Word. As we prepare to read the 11 verses that record that event stop […]

The Gospel Explained by Peter

GHS-02    MMG-06    NR6-29   WWJ-42 The Gospel Explained by Peter 040201AM The Gospel According to Peter Was Peter the Pope? People need heroes. Part of life is looking up to someone, being inspired by them, and rising to greater levels of accomplishment in whatever field they represent. There are golfing heroes who inspire; basketball […]

Fruitfulness Explained – Abiding Sanctified

EBG-19  GHS-20   NR6-23   NR7-42   WWJ-63 040912AM We need to do a self-checkup of our spiritual health. Are you distant these days from God? Can you hardly remember the last time your life was fruitful? Do you feel far from joy and peace, victory and blessing? Do you hope that no one gets too close and […]

Fruitfulness Explained – Abiding Crucified

EBG-10   GHS-19   NR6-22   NR7-41   WWJ-62 040829AM This morning the key to all you and I will ever be is summed up by two words “in Christ”. Our identification with Him in His work on the Cross brought us salvation. Our continuing with Him brings everlasting rewards. When we were saved we became born again what? […]