The Woman Who Would Not Quit

/ Woman After The Heart Of God

WHG-05 890514AM Mothers are quite a precious commodity, aren’t they? Each of us owes our very existence to our Mom! Scriptures are specific when we speak to the blessed theme of motherhood. In fact: God is interested in individuals – 2,930 individuals named. God is interested in women, 327 are women, nearly all mothers. We know more […]

Ten Secrets of Unfading Beauty-2

/ Woman After The Heart Of God

WHG-03 970608AM Unfading Beauty (Part 2) God is very interested in your beauty. Did you check to see if you were beautiful this morning? Beautiful to God is what I mean! Americans spend billions of dollars on beauty treatments, cosmetics, and accessories. Beauty is important to us, but more than that, beauty is important to […]

Ten Secrets of Unfading Beauty

/ Woman After The Heart Of God

WHG-02 970601AM Unfading Beauty (Part 1) One day while standing in one of those endless lines at the super market my eyes caught the following headlines on a newspaper, ―World‘s Most Beautiful Woman Hospitalized.‖ Quickly whipping out my cell phone, I called Bonnie and immediately knew it was a false story. Actually, it was about […]

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