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When Should I Hunger for God?

HFG-00-04   NR1-32    NR7-14   WFF-43   WWJ-24 000806PM When do we fast?   God has not laid down lengths, days, manners, and details. Rather, He says to us that His grace teaches us. Where did the Lord say that? In Titus 2:11-13:  “For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, 12. […]

How Should I Hunger for God?

000806AM HFG-00-03    NR1-31    NR7-13    WFF-42    WWJ-23 Mark-23 Hungering for God-Finale 2.20-22 MARK 2:20-22 HOW TO HUNGER FOR GOD One of the key attitudes we find displayed by the 1st Century editions of God’s saints is that they considered themselves exiles on earth, and citizens of Heaven. This produced not a detachment […]

What is Hungering for God?

000730AM HFG-00-02   NR1-30   NR7-12   WFF-41   WWJ-22 Mark-21 Hungering for God-2 2.18-22 MARK 2:18-22 WHAT IS HUNGERING FOR GOD? This morning we are continuing our study a fascinating area of God’s Word—BIBLICAL FASTING. To best understand fasting in God’s Word we may need another way to describe Biblical Fasting, and that would be to ask: “How […]

Why Should I Hunger for God?

000723AM HFG-00-01   NR1-29    NR7-11   WFF-40   WWJ-21  Mark-21 Hungering for God 2.18-22 MARK 2:18-22 WHY HUNGER FOR GOD? This morning we are going to study a fascinating area of God’s Word – BIBLICAL FASTING. How is your appetite this morning? I’m not referring to the consumptive society in which we live where more food is […]