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Ancient Rome, Running The Race, And Looking Unto Jesus Today

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111016PM WTB-4 Roman.doc WTB-61 World of the Bible Series: Eternal Crowns for Believers Illustrated by Paul, using the Roman World of the New Testament, and the Metaphors of the Godly Walk in the Epistles Unfading crown vs. the Laurel wreath   Casting crowns   Five Crowns are described. The Imperishable Crown (I glorified God by choosing […]

Thyatira – Secret Sins are Costly

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030831PM Stones-22 Sardis WTB-56 FEARING THE CHASTISEMENT OF JESUS REVELATION 2:18-29 THYATIRA: Secret Sins are Costly Something was going on in Thyatira.   Jesus shows up with blazing eyes and brazen feet. He walks around the homes of His children who are part of His family – the church looking back and forth, breathing warnings […]

Thyatira – Spiritual Warfare

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030824PM Stones-21 Sardis WTB-55 THYATIRA: ARE YOU DRESSED FOR BATTLE? Watch out there are deadly missles headed your way!   Above the softness of our blue green planet there are hostile forces poised. They range across space lurking and flying about at their master’s bidding. They are former angels. They are Satan the Dragon’s army. […]

Pergamos-Samson: Sin Binds, Blinds, Grinds

  030601PM BIO-12     NR2-24    WTB-51 STONES-17 PERGAMOS THE STONES OF GOD’S WITNESS: PERGAMOS– LESSONS IN LIVING AT THE END OF DAYS THE DANGER OF THE COMPROMISED CHRISTIAN God’s Word records that Sampson’s life pictures compromise. Great blessing and strength in one area of our lives does not make up for neglect and weakness […]

Pergamos – Danger of Compromise

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030504PM WTB-50 Stones-16 Pergamos The stones of god’s witness: pergamos– lessons in living at the end of days Christ’ Awaits our Devotion The Danger of the COmpromised Christian     SLIDE ONE: READ REVELATION 2.12-17   meet the Assembly god can grow his church anywhere! Revelation 2:12a   First the Assembly  –  The word Pergamum […]

Smyrna – Living for Jesus

NR2-22    WTB-49 030427PM Stones-15 Smyrna-4 The stones of god’s witness: smyrna– lessons in living at the end of days Ending Well       Please open to Hymn # 372.   The words of this hymn were written in the year 1917. The author was 51, unable to finish the career he studied to […]

Smyrna – Ending Well like David

NR2-21    WTB-48 030413PM STONES-14 SMYRNA-3 THE STONES OF GOD’S WITNESS: SMYRNA– LESSONS IN LIVING AT THE END OF DAYS ENDING WELL The shadow of a sixty-year-old man was silhouetted against the canvas of the tent. The flickering candle cast a golden aura inside as he knelt beside a small wood and canvas cot. Rhythmic […]