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Worshiping Christ Through Communion

Stirring Each Other Up For Spiritual Growth

In Justification we go from being accused and guilty before God to being righteous and with no record of wrongs!

1.    Romans 8:33-34 I have been justified and by Christ justifying me and because the record has been erased —I am free forever from condemnation. Say that aloud with me

2.    Ephesians 3:12 By Christ justifying me—I can always approach God with confidence. Say that aloud with me

3.    Hebrews 4:15-16 By Christ justifying me—I always have His grace and help. Say that aloud with me

Worshipping Our Savior Who Redeemed Us

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In Revelation 5, each of us who are born-again believers are seeing ourselves in the future. What is it we are doing when God lets us see ourselves? Singing praises to our Redeemer, the only One who could and did pay the debt of our sins!

Biblical Worship always focuses upon the Redeemer, always praises His redemption and always comes from the Redeemed.

Redemption is the Theme of Our Worship in Heaven

There are few times that God’s Word allows us to actually see what we will be doing in Heaven and each of those views always involve us worshiping the True and Living God and His Son our Redeemer.

Confessing the Wonders of Justification & Regeneration

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Endless thanksgiving, around the Throne, with all the redeemed of all the ages: that is what salvation prompts in the hearts of believers.

Endless Thanksgiving for Our Salvation

Each time we gather to celebrate communion, we are part of what we could call a simulcast that is going on both globally and celestially. We are all focused on the same One who as the Lamb of God died for our sins on the Cross.

At Communion We Worship Christ by Confessing the Wonders of Our Salvation

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Since the birth of Christ’s Church, from the dark passages of the catacombs to the private chambers of homes along the streets of Roman cities across the Empire, to this gathering this morning, every believer of all the ages have shared something.

There is a tie that binds every believer to Christ and to each other. Tonight, we share that amazing connection. We have a common confession with every individual believing servant of God alive today either on earth or in Heaven.

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