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Rise of False Traditions

Why I am Not A Roman Catholic – The Slow Rise of False Traditions

Rise of False Traditions APO-13    NR6-09   REV-38   ZNA-236 Why I am Not A Roman Catholic – The Slow Rise of False Traditions GALATIANS 1:6-10 930328PM The Slow Rise of False Traditions I’d like to start in our study tonight and then review where we’ve been by going to 2Cor, chapter 11. We’re going to […]

Introduction to I Thes.

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ZNA-452 890108AM INTRODUCTION TO FIRST THESSALONIANS Welcome again to our study of the epistle of first Thessalonians. We noted as we began our study last Sunday evening 3 things: 1. FIRST, it is EARLY – probably the third of 27 NT books. After First James [45] and Galations [48]. 2. SECOND,IT IS SPECIFIC – It […]

The Church – A shared Life

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ZNA-451 890108PM THE CHURCH – A SHARED LIFE MATTHEW 16:18 The church is literally the ekklesia, “called out ones”. Our study is a biblical portrait of who and what we are… More than a 160 year old organization we are an organism… The Scriptures call us the body of Christ, a living, growing body called […]

The Church- A Shared Life

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ZNA-448 890122AM “GRACE AND PEACE” I THESSALONIANS 1:1 It is amazing to watch the transfer of power of the greatest political force on earth this week. But 20 centuries ago an even greater power transformed lives. What a thrill to begin this morning plunging into this most special epistle! Paul as he writes is consumed […]

Thanks to God

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ZNA-447 890129AM THANKS TO GOD I THESSALONIANS 1:2-5 As we come to the middle of this first chapter in v.2-5 we find the theme of the present hope of salvation supported by this section “The Reception of the Gospel”. Their reception demonstrated that hope. Paul told them to live a life holy before Christ’s return […]

Chosen By God


ZNA-444 890212AM CHOSEN BY GOD As we pause to ponder God’s providential work in choosing whom He will before time to be His children it goes against the grain of this world. This tension was captured nicely by Calvin Miller in his “PSALMS OF NIHILISM REVISTED”. [A satire on Godless views of God.] The Heavens […]

Evidence Of Election


ZNA-442 890219AM EVIDENCE OF ELECTION Charles Wesley and George Whitfield were not always in agreement over the church of the 1700’s in England and America. But one thing tht clearly came across was in a hymn that has become a joy to our hearts. Note the… CONFIDENCE IN OUR GREAT GOD – AND CAN IT […]

The Church – A Shared Life

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ZNA-441 890219PM Our shared life THE CHURCH: OUR SHARED LIFE EPHESIANS 1:4 0A Christian physician wrote some powerful words once that portray our life in Christ’s body as seen through our human bodies – Sometimes a dreaded thing occurs in the body – mutiny – resulting in a tumor… A tumor is called benign if […]

Assurance of Election

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ZNA-440 890226AM ASSURANCE OF ELECTION Ephesians 1:3-4 We just finished the evidences of election. Remember them? PAUL CERTAINLY DID… As he sat in far-off Corinth, many months later he reflected on what was so fixed in his memory. As he wrote to this dear assembly he noted 3 specific evidences that ALL THREE PERSONS OF […]


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ZNA-438 890326AM THE ULTIMATE SIGN SEVEN SIGNS FROM THE GOSPEL OF JOHN It was very early on Resurrection morning that a small group of weary and saddened women left the city. It was still dark as they crossed the road to that small garden at the foot of Mt. Moriah or Golgotha or Calvary — […]