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Cursed by God

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As we open to Hebrews 6:13 and read about God’s promise to Abraham, may I ask you just one thing? Can God keep His Word? I mean, will He keep all His promises? Yes, and Amen.

Listen to this incredible summary of all specifics God has revealed about His Chosen People of Destiny, the Jews.

  • God picked His chosen people of destiny as the Jews, descendents of Abraham, called Israel.   
  • God presented a land to His chosen people of destiny the Jews with clearly defined boundaries
  • God proceeded to bring His chosen people of destiny to the Promised Land.
  • God pronounced a curse upon his unfaithful but chosen people of destiny as they wandered the world without their Promised Land. God promised the children of Israelgreat blessing in the land of promise if they would remain faithful to Him. He also predicted great suffering, persecution and worldwide dispersion when they forsook Him.

Join me in marking the detailed curses God has placed upon Israelin His Word if they refuse to obey Him.

The Judges Cycle: The account describes 7 distinct cycles of Israel’s drifting away from the Lord starting even before Joshua’s death, with a full departure into apostasy afterward. Five basic reasons are evident for these cycles of Israel’s moral and spiritual decline:

  • Disobedience in failing to drive the Canaanites out of the Land (Judges 1:19, 21, 35);
  • Idolatry (2:12);
  • Intermarriage with wicked Canaanites (3:5, 6);
  • Not heeding judges (2:17); and
  • Turning away from God after the death of the judges (2:19).

A four-part sequence repeatedly occurred in this phase of Israel’s history:

1) Israel’s departure from God;

2) God’s chastisement in permitting military defeat and subjugation;

3) Israel’s prayer pleading for deliverance; and

4) God raising up “judges,” either civil or sometimes local military champions who led in shaking off the oppressors. Fourteen judges arose, six of them military judges (Othniel, Ehud, Deborah, Gideon, Jephthah, and Samson). Two men were of special significance for contrast in spiritual leadership: 1) Eli, judge and High-Priest (not a good example); and 2) Samuel, judge, priest, and prophet (a good example).[1]

[1]John F. MacArthur, Jr., The MacArthur Study Bible, (Dallas: Word Publishing) 1997.