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David – A Man After God’s Heart





12/88 sinkholes in Florida … in our lives sink hole “sometimes depression, that cunning serpent of despair, “slithers in through the unguarded back door of our souls…”

Dorothy Hsu penned these words in 1979: Depression is Debilitating, defeating, Deepening gloom. Trudging wearily through The grocery store, Unable to make a simple choice.

Surveying an unbelievably messy house, Piles of laundry, Work undone, and not being Able to lift a finger.

Doubting that God cares, Doubting in my prayers, Doubting He’s even there.

Sitting, staring wild-eyed into space, Desperately wanting out of the human race.

So, what’s the guard that can keep our souls defended from depression?

Well, let’s ask the main character of the Bible!

Next to our Lord Jesus Christ, no one has more and writes more chapters about their lives than the sweet singer of Israel — David!

Open to I Sam. 13:14 — Acts 13:22, 36.

Now, the man who passes – divide by 1189 = %

Peter = 65 chapters John = 102 chapters

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Paul = 104 chapters Moses = 136 chapters is David = 146 chapters (half of which are his 73 Psalms)

David – humble in origins devout to his God chosen as God’s man resolute to follow human to the point of great sin repentent to the point of great forgiveness incomparable in worship

So, David so beloved of God:

Some reasons I found. Let me share them! But they revolve around amazing hope in sinking times.

David didn’t sink into depression:

1. Because of an unchangeable concern that God’s name be honored!

Look at 1 Sam. 17 – v. 45-47 key

* Remember: He’s the only one who sw it…

– Now (repeat)

Therefore, he stands for God!

2. Second reason: because of an unshakeable trust that God was protecting him.

* Look at Ps. 59 – remember it was his father-in-law trying to kill him!

Therefore, so he depends on Him…

3. Third: because of an unwavering conviction that God was watching him.

* Look at Ps. 34, 22 times God sees and notes it!

– So, He magnifies God (v. 3).

4. Because of His unmistakeable awareness that God was hearing him.

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Look at Ps. 142

Seven times David expresses it!

Therefore, so he calls upon Him!


1. After time of great victories:

– David & Goliath

– David slays 10,000’s

– David needs King Saul’s daughter

– etc.

2. Accompanied by great distress:

v. 3 overwhelmed in spirit – “roof caving in!” – “everything going wrong at once” – “not now!” – ”I have some bad news”

hidden a trap for me – “they’re all after me” – “I’ve been railroaded” – “framed” v. 4 no one regards me – “no one called” – “I’m a nobody” – “poor me” – “I’m all alone”

no escape for me – “one way trip to nowhere” – “you’re too old” – “I’m sorry but the qualifi- cations for this position…”

Yes, no one cares for my soul.

Cave times also:

3. Accomplished great discoveries about God

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v. 5 “Thou art my refuge” “Thou art my portion” “Thou art listening” – give heed to my call “Thou art my deliverer” – bring object of worship

Finally, cave times usually:

1) followed times of great victory 2) Accompanied by great distress 3) Accomplished great discoveries about God 4) Preceeded great blessings

Like what?

Well, David went on to:

Vindication as just man Coronation as king Exaltation as warrior as psalmist

How’s your world?

Caving in?

Look now and find:

Thou art my refuge Thou art my portion Thou art listening Thou art my deliverer Thou art my object of worship Thou art my provider

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