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Did Jesus Believe the Bible?





Have you ever thought about why you do things in that certain way you do? Often because someone you love did it that way.

I learned to shave watching my Dad. I learned hot to make flowers grow and to love gardening from my Mom. The scent of campfire, the sizzle of trout in a frypan and cold Canadian nights were all learned from a family I loved. but, I love the Bible, trust the Bible and believe the Bible is true, because the one I love believed it!

(1) What did Jesus think of the Old Testament?

Jesus Christ believed: Bible sufficient to address every aspect of existence with supernatural, transforming authority! Life and its Purpose Death and its Preparation Marriage and its Secrets success Children and their God ordained needs Money and How to use it Pleasure and How to enjoy it Power and How to get it

And in His life and ministry, Jesus Christ proved His view of Scriptures by His use of Scriptures!

This morning this Book, the Scriptures, deal directly and with finality on tough issues:

Death as in protracted Disease as in epidemic Disasters even earthquakes, floods, devastation of ethic warfare Depraved hearts

God gives in it –

Absolutes in a relativistic world Divine decrees in a man-centered society The last word to endless questions Hope in an era of hopelessness Happiness as so many pursue fleeting thrills Two things to consider: 1. Did Jesus Christ believe? Yes. 2. How did Jesus Christ use it? All the time.


The ultimate argument and most convincing proof of the verbal (word-by-word) inspiration of the Bible is Christ. The glaring reality is * in every moment of His life, the Lord Jesus Christ looked up on and acted toward the Bible as divine.


He declared It the divine author and, final Court of Appeals for every question.

Even how He used the Scriptures it is obvious:

“Have you never read…?” “It is written…” “Search the Scriptures…”
W. A. Criswell1 well stated:

“He sets his seal to its historicity and its revelation from God. He supplements it, but he never supplants it. He amplifies it, but he never nullifies it. He modifies it according to his own divine prerogative, he fulfills it according to his divine mission, but he never lessens its divine authority.” (Emphasis added)

(2) So, how did Jesus Christ use the Scriptures?

Answer = Regularly

It was the secret of His private Life – Struggling with Satan, temp.; Deut./Mt. 4 Public Life -Teaching seaside multitudesIs. 61:2, Mt. 5-7 Family Life Alone with disciples; Daniel & prophets; Mt. 24

* Always referring to the Word of God; therefore, so should you!

1. In His petitions, it flowed from lips in prayer (Ps. 41-9, Jn 17:12) 2. As His strength, He gasped from cross in death: echoes David, Mt. 27:46; “My God, My God”, Ps. 22; Lk. 23:46 from Ps. 31, “into Thy hand” 3. As His comfort, gently to seekers on resurrection morning; Lk. 2:4, opened minds 4. As His correction, chiding the walkers to Emmaeus; Ps. 119:18

But how much? Did He use it?

Gospels total 3,779 verses Grahm Scroggie #s 1,934 verses Christ’s words Of these 180 quote Old Testament!! 1 of 10 words quote!! Just to wrap up this section, point to how Christ used:

Specifically, our Lord believed the Old Testament as literally true and used as in-

– Adam, Eve and creation (look at Mt. 19:4-6) – Abel’s death (Mt. 23:35) 1 Why I Preach the Bible Is Literally, Towe Broadman, 1969.

– Noah and flood (24:37-38) – Sodom and destruction (Lk. 17:29) – Abraham (Jn. 8:56) – Moses and burning bush (Mk. 12:26) – David (Mt. 17:3) – Elijah and his ministry (Lk. 4:25) – Daniel quoted Mt. 4:17, Dn. 2:44 kingdom of heaven – Jonah and the fish (Mt. 12:40-41)

* (if I said Gen.-Rev….), and the martyrdom of the prophet Zechariah (Matt. 23:35). It is interesting to note that in this last reference, Christ spoke of “all the righteous blood shed on earth, from…Abel to…Zechariah.” According to the arrangement of the Old Testament Scriptures in Jesus’ time, Genesis stood first and what we know as 2 Chronicles was last. So Jesus encompassed the entire Old Testament canon Scripture is referring to those who died from Abel through Zechariah!

1. Did Jesus Christ believe? Yes. 2. How did He use? Everywhere.

So, finally, (3) How did others view the Scriptures impact on the ministry of Christ? He believed the scriptures were the authority. Let’s look at His use of Scriptures:

1. He said they were authoritative Read Mt. 5:17-18 Jn. 10:35 2. He used scriptures as if authoritative We saw Mt. 4 – against Satan But look Mt. 24 – to show future Lk. 24 – to confirm faith 3. He followed them as His authority Mt. 16:22 – to respond to Peter Mt. 26:52-54 – in facing cross Lk. 10:25-26 – as facing hostile leaders

And interestingly enough, even when given trick questions:

Mk. 12:18-27 – remember? “Whose wife was she” game

One? Meant other six out of luck. None? A bit hard on all of them. All? Somehow doesn’t sound decent.

NO the Scriptures say.

4. Christ stood against any who didn’t hold scriptures as authority. There were two main groups in Christ’s day: Pharisees Saduccees

Christ opposed Pharisees because they added tradition (Mk. 7:6-8)

Christ opposed Saduccees because they subtracted the supernatural from the Scriptures (Mk. 12:24)

So, Christ said you’re wrong because:

Pharisees add tradition, thus you are void Saduccees subtract, thus supernatural, you are ignorant

Both are present today:

Add robes, beads, saints, works, a co-mediator, purgatory, umbus patrun, sacrificing Christ over and over again, and tradition = void.

Subtract inspiration, biblical authority, historicity of Adam, Noah, Jonah, take out the empty tomb, the walking on water, and refuse to speak of sin or the virgin born Christ = ignorant and damned in sinful unbelief.

What did Christ do in His life and ministry?

Made Scriptures the judge of life (Jn. 5:24-29), death and afterlife, of forgiveness, salvation and hope of truth, peace and joy.

How? Did Jesus Christ believe the Bible? Yes. Do you? It will determine destiny!

By what He said them,

By how He used them,

By how He followed them,

And, because He stood against all who wouldn’t!!


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