When God Finally Answers Generations of Prayers for Justice in Revelation 5:9b-14.
Unanswered prayers: what happens to them? As we open to Rev. 5, we find the answer to one of the great mysteries of God’s Word: Where do all our prayers go? After we prayed them, God heard them, and then what?
What Happens to All Our Prayers
Do prayers become like deleted emails? Does God get them, see them on His screen, read them; and then just hits the trash button, and poof, they are gone?
No, that is never the image God wants in our minds.
Prayers to God, from all His saints (which includes all believers of all time from Adam and Eve, to the final redeemed person of the Millennium) are so special: God has collected them, and continues to collect them.
As we open to Rev. 5:8, think for a moment at what it means to pray. You and I have been invited to lay at the feet of Almighty God, the deepest longings of our hearts, expressed through our prayers. And God Almighty hears them, and keeps them always before His Throne, where they are presently found this very moment.
God Collects and Saves Every Prayer from His Saints
That is what we are going to see as we read Revelation. Wow, I wonder how many prayers I have there right now? How many do you have? How much do we pray, since God loves our prayers so much He collects them?