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ENDING FEAR IN MY LIFE–How We Can Walk In Christ’s Wisdom & Send Treasures to Heaven

EBP-02c – How To Make Sure Your Life Doesn’t Get Burned Up
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ENDING FEAR Application: Lord, I want to set my mind on these truths from you, since I am raised (Col. 3:1) with Christ, I choose to set my mind above, and ask you to reset me to your settings of wisdom, and away from my own way…
10. I have Nothing to FEAR (v.15): Jesus disarmed the power of Satan to ever destroy me. Only Christ can protect me, all I have to do is trust Him.
11. I have a Life that is FREED (v.16-23): from now on I know that Christ is my life, His Word is my guide. I can from now on resist those who try to lay their hurtful barbs, guilt, and crippling control on my heart and mind. Christ has set me free.
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