How To Be Really Sure You’re Saved
Short Clip
God is the source of true wisdom.
God is reflected in a person’s life to the extent that they exhibit the wisdom that He produces.
God gives us a sure-fire way to see if we are wise, and those around us are wise by measurable and illustrated means.
The Book of Proverbs is God’s Word about wisdom lived out in everyday life.
A wise person grows in wisdom, they learn, they are correctable.
On the other hand, a foolish person decreases in wisdom, flees from correction, and reflects their foolishness in their character, their relationships, and in their words.
God explains to those who are wise, that you can understand what a person really is like by taking enough time to analyze them from three perspectives: ATTITUDES (watch for reflections of their internal, spiritual character); FRIENDS (observe their relationships); WORDS (and listen to their words).
Those three will reveal what that person is really like.
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