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Foundations For Sanctification – Part 2




Discipleship & Counseling | Week 6 5
Colossians 2:6-23:
Summary, Lessons & Application Study
Summary: everything about our lives changes when we are transformed by Christ: “to walk in Him”.
My Salvation Came By ____________ (v.6): we are saved by grace through faith; we heard, were convicted by God, responded to lost sinners, saw Christ as our only hope, cried out to Him, and He saved us. Now: we follow the same path for the rest of our lives.

2. Truth Needs to _____________ My Life (v.7): we need to invite God’s truth to come into our lives and get way below the surface; and we need to seek to know, experience, talk to and respond to Jesus like a close friend we text with. We know they are there even if we don’t see them at that moment.

3. I will Beware of ____________ Ideas (v.8): we must always be on guard for the world’s intrusion into, and tainting of God’s truth. The world is always devising ways to counterfeit what God offers, so that pleasures, peace, and happiness can be had without God.

4. I can Live Full of Christ’s _____________ (v.9): Christ is my link to all of God. In Him God can overflow into every dimension of my life. Paul is guided by the Spirit to use the word plerao seven times in Colossians to illustrate what are the benefits of a life overflowing with Christ (1:9, 19, 25; 2:9,10; 4:12,17).

5. I can Live Full of ____________________ (v. 10): Christ makes me complete: even if missing a wife, husband, child; even if missing a job, money, home; even if missing health, mobility, or comfort. If I have Christ, I have the best life there is possible. Paul described to early believers of the first century that they could live as slaves, as citizens of an occupied land, as outcasts in society: and yet have the confidence of a son or daughter of the King!

6. I have a Heart that is ___________ (v.11) God has given me the ultimate never needing to be upgraded, operating system. Ezekiel 36:26-27

7. I have a Past that is ____________ (v.12): God says my sins are forever gone. Psalm 103:12; John 8:11

8. I have a Fresh New _______________ (v.13): When I was born again, like a baby, I have no past, just a future with God. 2 Cor. 5:17; John 3:3

9. I have the End of all ______________ (v.14): Jesus took the guilt, punishment, and pain for all my sins. My sins have been nailed to Christ’s Cross. I don’t need to punish myself for what Christ has already been punished for. In Genesis 41:51-52, Joseph testified that 20 years of horrible abuse were transformed by God, and he was no longer able to be crippled by that past abuse. God dealt with it all.

10. I have Nothing to _____________ (v.15): Jesus disarmed the power of Satan to ever destroy me. Only Christ can protect me, all I have to do is trust Him.
I have a Life that is ____________ (v.16-23): from now on I know that Christ is my life, His Word is my guide. I can from now on resist those who try to lay their hurts, guilt, and crippling control on my heart and mind. Christ has set me free.

Lord, I want to set my mind on these truths from you, since I am raised (Col. 3:1) with Christ, I choose to set my mind above, and ask you to reset me to your settings and away from my own… Hebrews 12:1:
Summary, Lessons & Application Study
Summary: The Christian life is compared to a race with Christ as the goal of our life, our coach, and the umpire at the finish line.

____________ __________________: Our lives as believers are always shaped by the great doctrines of putting off the flesh, and putting on Christ. This is Paul’s great word apotitheme (Rom. 13:12; Eph. 4:22; Col. 3:8) also used by others James 1:21; I Peter 2:1).

DEAL WITH ___________________ SINS: we have things that trip us up laying all around unless we are confronting our lives regularly. This word explains what is often our problem. Euperistatos means “good around standing” this refers to sins that we allow to have good standing in our lives. Sins that are not threatened by constant applications of spiritual Roundup spray.

WE’VE ALREADY ________________: the word “endurance” is hupomone and it is best know from Isaiah 40:31, those that “wait” on the Lord get strength to do what never would otherwise be possible. It is possible to ditch those besetting sins, and to finish even a hard race. Christ is the goal, the Coach, and the Umpire: and He’s already gone to the Cross to make us be able to finish the race!

LIFE IS _________________: this word “race” says it all. It is the word for the long, gut-wrenching endurance race performed in an arena surrounded by spectators. It is the word agon. Life is an agonizing race, it hurts, its hard, but Christ at the finish line, and beside us as Coach, makes it all possible.

Lord, help me to grasp you as the goal of my life, I want to follow your training as my Coach, and I look forward to you as the Umpire that watches me cross the finish line and place the Crown of Life on my head by your grace.

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