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Matthew 28 – The Great Commission & What On Earth Does God Want You To Live For

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God Want You To Live For
What a wonderful way to celebrate July 4th–looking over the class roster of this month’s courses in BIBLICAL INTERPRETATION. Bonnie & I are looking at students from all parts of the UK–Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales & England all have students; as well as Singapore, New Zealand, and almost all the provinces of Canada are here on the roster (NW Territories, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & Ontario); plus ALL the areas of Australia (Western, South, Northern, Queensland & New South Wales). Whew, just think of seeing the Lord stirring the hearts of young and old alike to get further education to REACH their own area for Christ. Thanks for praying for us, the older we get the slower the preparation is but the MORE EXCITING the classes get.
The key that unlocks why God has left us here on Earth, after our salvation, is in verse 19 where Christ said: “Make disciples.” These words were carefully engineered by the Spirit of God to explain the focus of every day of our lives if we want to please God.
All the other verbs in v. 19 are participles: “going”, “teaching”, “baptizing”. Long ago in English grammar, we all learned that participles are verb forms that are to modify the main verb. Just as each participle points itself towards the main verb, and is attached completely to that main verb: so each of us is to live our life with every part of us in some way attached to the purpose in life we have been given by God: making disciples.
The purpose of the Church is to make disciples. In the Gospels, Jesus trained His 12 in making disciples. Then here at the Great Commission, Jesus Christ charged the disciples as He was leaving: to connect and point everything they did in life towards that goal of disciple-making.
The Book of Acts is the record of how those men were used by God and empowered by His Spirit to stir up everyone in the Church to be going, talking, giving, and living for making disciples.
The Epistles become the instruction manual for how to keep the impossible job of disciple-making running smoothly: since only obedient, surrendered, Spirit-filled believers are able to make disciples.
Then, Revelation shows the results, the numberless crowds of disciples that are in Heaven, surrounding the Throne of God the Savior, worshipping Him because of His wonderful message of love, His forgiveness of sin, and His offer of reconciliation leading to eternal life.
God’s desire could not be clearer. God’s plan for us could not be more simply stated. The Great Commission is focusing every part of our life upon the main verb of God’s plan: making disciples of all the nations, kindreds, tongues, and tribes of people. God is glorified as He is proclaimed for Who He really is: God the Savior.
God Want You To Live For
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