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Genesis 3 – The Fall Of Humanity, Satan’s Playbook & My Life

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Week 2 is READY! Thanks for joining us. Here you go, this is week two of my year-long survey of the 52 Key Chapters of the Bible. We are looking at the CRASH site, where humanity fell into sin. There are SO many KEY DOCTRINES that are launched in Genesis 3: temptation, sin, shame, guilt, separation from God, satan’s plans, our weak points…stay with us and you will start to grasp tools that will unlock the Scriptures for a lifetime.
Whatever happened to Paradise? There was perfect earth with no sin when Genesis 2 ends. What a place it must have been with all of the glow of Creation unshrouded by sin. Every creature was good; every part of the universe was singing the glory of God. No groaning under the burden of sin was yet present from the creation. But then something drastic happened. What? Adam and Eve’s sin. Look at Genesis 3 with me.
To Eve God said, “I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth, in pain you shall bring forth children; yet your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.” (Gen. 3:16). The pain of childbirth and the subjection of a wife to her husband are direct results of the Fall.