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GETTING GOD IN FOCUS TODAY–Choices That You Can Make Right Now To Strength Your Focus On God

Seeing God Each Day Transforms Our Lives – God Offers Daily Glimpses Into Heaven
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There are twin imperatives here. “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ” and “Make no provision” are both commands from God.
A command or imperative means an action we must make, and God awaits our response to what He asks us to do. So the One who bought and paid for us by His own blood says first of all:
I command you to put on Christ in the form of new chosen daily habits. And secondly, He commands: MAKE NO provision to feed, strengthen and supply the old you, your flesh. Don’t feed your lusts. Remember that an imperative in Scripture means that He WAITS for a response.
Right now, God is waiting for you to either begin or reaffirm your response.
What is our answer to His command that each of us:
• Choose to put on Christ (which comes through the Word, prayer, and walking in the Spirit); and
• Make no provision (which is cut off all supply routes). It is either yes I will do that, or no I won’t. The Christian life has no middle ground.
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