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Teachers of Good Things – Modeling Godliness in an Ungodly World

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That means that for all of God’s born-again children, Christ Jesus only has two categories that He uses to rate everything we do, as He sorts out the constant stream of activities His children do in life.

Each of us live out our life in front of God, like a pipeline:

Poured out
Before God

Have you ever thought about that? Our lives are like a pipeline stretching up into Heaven that spews out every action, thought, and motive at Christ’s feet.

At the start God judicially erases, zaps and gets rid of every sin, so that is never in the pipeline. But everything else in life flows upward from us and into the very Presence of God. As it comes it is sorted. One pile is Good, it is worthy of God, it is pleasing to Him, and it is worth God keeping forever.

The other pile goes into the incinerator. It is bad, worthless, unworthy of God, and not worth saving in eternity.

Last night, as we swept the basement the buddies for the first time saw the pipes and heard the clatter of objects as they were swooped up and ended up far away in the garage. That is central vac.

Did you know that this very moment, God has the vacuum running, He is gathering up every word, every thought, each motivation, and all actions. They are swept up as we live and they clatter along until the pipeline delivers them not to the garage: but at the very feet of Jesus who loves us and bought us. There He separates and sorts out our lives to see how much is good and how much is worthless.

What are you delivering moment-by-moment to Him?

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