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Homemakers – Pursuing Homemaking in a World Filled with Homelessness

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Our world is filled with homelessness. Not so much a lack of shelter for living and sleeping—but a lack of godly nurturing at the most basic level of the Christian home. To battle homelessness in the church God has called each married woman to accept His call to be a homemaker for His Name and Glory.

This morning just as for the past 20 centuries, God offers to every married woman in Christ’s Church the privilege of capturing each moment she spends in her home: whether a tent, a house, an apartment, or a palace—and turning those moments into eternal crowns she can someday cast at Christ’s feet.

God Wants
Nurturing Homemakers

Since Paul sat to pen that one word in Titus 2:5, “homemakers” (NKJV), or “keepers at home” (KJV); “to be busy at home” (NIV); “workers at home” (NAS), every grace-energized woman can offer her homemaking in worshipful service to God. God designed women, not men, to have the calling and responsibility of shaping and keeping the home!

Think of what God has offered to these obedient and responsive married women—each dish that she washed, each towel she folded, each diaper she changed, and each weary day she spent with often self-centered family members: can become worthy of eternal rewards that will never pass away.

But sadly, the most amazing extinction event in American Church history has been the growing near extinction of the nurturing, Biblical, home life of families.

From both parents working, to sports becoming top priority, to the rise of the electronic devices: home life has been reduced to a house where detached minds and often disconnected people, now live under the same roof; not deeply connected, and living spiritually and emotionally compartmentalized lives.

At first glance many Christian families look closely connected. Like marbles in a vase that can appear connected, but when poured out they all go different directions, so many Christian families are not growing together in the Biblical home: they just share a house.

To this detached era of church history, as to all eras: in Titus 2:5 God continues to offer the Christian home, guarded, nurtured, and filled with love by a 21st Century Woman of Grace, that God Himself personally calls to be a homemaker.

Titus 2:5 promises each grace-energized homemaker that they can redeem every moment they spend in the endless duties of the home into worship offerings of obedience to God. That means God wants her:

The Time

One word, chosen by God is this word homemaker.

One word, designed by God as the role-specific ministry that pleases Him, is what He wants for godly women who offer their lives to Him through their ministry to their home.