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God Confirmed Christ’s Work – By The Five Mighty Miracles Of Calvary

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Jesus rose triumphantly over sin, death, and Hell after being captured and killed during the greatest crime the world has ever witnessed.
On a cross of wood, with carpenter’s tools, and “on a skull-shaped hill, on a sunny day outside of Jerusalem nearly 2,000 years ago when MANKIND MURDERED THEIR MAKER ”. There, on a hill called Calvary in full view of thousands of witnesses, was the day the Creator was crucified.
His name was Jesus, a peasant carpenter, who had carried on an itinerant relief work across all of Israel. Thousands, tens of thousands followed, heard, and witnessed some of the mightiest acts ever seen on the planet in history. But now He hangs there:
Seemingly Helpless
Shouldn’t Christ have done something on the cross if He were really God the Son? Yes, and He did. As we open to Matthew 27 we are looking at the scene, which highlights the mightiest of all Christ’s miracles. Matthew picks up with the drama from Noon (the 6th hour) to 3 PM (the 9th hour).
Matthew 27 records that despite Christ being scourged, nailed, and dying, nothing could stop Jesus Christ. Crucifixion, betrayal, and mockery didn’t stop Him. Not even the hatred of the Jewish leaders, and the cruelty of the Roman executioners. Nothing stopped Jesus then, and nothing stops Him today.
There are five final miracles from the Cross of Christ’s Crucifixion that were recorded to always remind us that Jesus can reach out to us from anywhere, at any time, and in any way that we need His touch. To show us His mighty power Matthew first tells us that when Christ hung on that cross of wood for you and for me:
He Touched The Sun. Matthew 27:45 Now from the sixth hour until the ninth hour there was darkness over all the land. (NKJV)