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GOD SAYS WE WILL GIVE ACCOUNT FOR EVERY WORD–God Wants Me To Understand The Power of My Words

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Power of My Words
From EBP-10a – We Should Speak Life – That’s The Power Of Spoken Words In Your Life Today
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Our tongue is an intriguing study of great contrasts. Think of that object resting in your mouth just now.
To the Doctor, it is a two-ounce slab of mucous membrane containing a world of inter-related muscles and nerves. That is the interesting tongue.
To our Body, it is a vital organ that must work properly if we are to eat, chew, taste, swallow and talk. That is the helpful tongue.
To other People, the tongue is the primary avenue of communication. It gives us the ability to inflect sounds and articulate words distinctly. It gives us a vehicle to communicate our thoughts. That is the essential tongue. Yes, without the tongue – No teacher could guide their pupils. No coach could prepare his team. No mother could softly sing her baby to sleep. No leader could motivate his group adequately.
No Pastor could bring comfort to heavy hearts. No issues could be discussed and resolved. But to God, our tongue reveals what is really going on in our hearts. Healthy communication is defined so clearly by God’s Word. -Is your speech mixed with grace, is your tongue guarded by the Spirit? -Do your words come from a pure heart and a sound mind with no room for any foolish, course, or off-color words? -Is your tongue a conduit for the wisdom that is from above, so that most of all, your speech pleases Christ Jesus? Come & join me as we consider the Power of Spoken Words.
Power of My Words
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