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God’s Amazing Plan For Marriage

God’s Amazing Plan



DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT GOD WANTS IN YOUR MARRIAGE? Here I am with an amazing group of NextGeneration Asians, challenging them about MARRIAGE as GOD DESIGNED IT!
God DESIGNED marriage as one of the most public DISPLAYS of His plan and purposes for the WORLD to SEE. We are to go out and live in a dark and hopeless world, chasing after elusive pleasures, and never finding lasting satisfaction: and RADIATE Christ.
THE SECOND GREATEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE: What does a Biblical, godly husband or wife look like? In a moment we will get to Titus 2, where God describes what a healthy, mature believer looks and acts like. The grace-energized life of Titus 2 is the best type of person to invest the rest of your life with. No one is ever perfect. But we can see where someone is headed today. Look for a pathway headed God’s way as Titus 2 describes. You will be headed for a wonderful life.
GOAL: A MARRIAGE WITH NO REGRETS. When your life is done, and you look back those last few weeks or months that you have before cancer, or heart or respiratory problems overtake you – will you regret the days of your marriage and family? Will you be saddened when you remember those days? Will you be saddened when you see what your children are doing? Or will those have been the greatest years of your life? I think the choice is yours. Where are you headed in your marriage and as a family this morning? You will never get to anywhere you are not headed right now